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Why Apohem chose Voyado

Apohem is a Swedish digital retailer within pharmaceuticals and health. Their goal is to contribute to a healthier world and simplify everyday life for everybody by offering a wide range of pharmacy and merchandise at low prices with fast and secure deliveries


We had a chat with Charlotta Ekblom, Traffic Manager at Apohem, and Greta de Freitas, CMO at Apohem – to hear why they chose Voyado:

“We are a pharmacy that really cares about our customers. We truly want to improve their health, inside and out. Through Voyado, we are able to give our customers highly relevant tips and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle” – Charlotta Ekblom.

“Voyado has the exact technique we need to step up our personalized customer communication game. But we didn’t just choose Voyado as a partner because of their current features, but also because we believe Voyado will keep staying ahead and renew their product” – Greta de Freitas.

Thank you, Charlotta and Greta! We are thrilled to be working with you!

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