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We make brands easy to love

Our mission is to empower every retail business to build strong and lasting relationships with their customers. In a world where personalization and customization have become essential expectations rather than luxuries, we strive to transform how businesses interact with their customers, making every connection a memorable experience. Let's redefine what it means to be truly relevant.

Our story

Our story started in 2005 in Norrköping, a small town in Sweden, with one idea: to build a company with an exceptional culture. Honestly, back there and then, that was more important than the actual business idea. Over time, a small marketing product in our portfolio grew and became the core of what Voyado delivers today.​

Fast forward to now, Voyado ensures brands can deliver a personal and relevant shopping experience at every touchpoint—every time, always. We provide a customer experience cloud with customer insights, loyalty concepts, marketing automation, a product discovery engine and merchandising tools. All of this leads to optimized customer journeys both on-site and in-store.​

We share a genuine passion for retail and e-commerce. Product development is not something just left to the product department; at Voyado, we know that great ideas can come from every corner of the organization.​ Together, we influence and deliver solutions that help our favorite brands grow and increase customer loyalty, making them even easier to love. ​

Today, Voyado’s 300 employees are united in the mission to make us the number one customer experience cloud within retail and e-commerce. We are already the go-to for mid-size retailers in the Nordics, and we have international expansion in our sights with offices in London and Amsterdam. ​

Voyado numbers

Serving 350+ retail brands
10 000 site visits every minute
Powering 5 million searches every day
Delivering 30 million relevant emails every day

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Working at Voyado

It’s personal.

We help our favorite brands grow by creating personalized and relevant shopping experiences, and being personal extends into everything about Voyado.​ We value your well-being and offer benefits that give you the time to do what you love. We know that we are nothing without our colleagues. Dedicated people are what has gotten us this far, and there is a lot more to come.

We’re always looking for new talent. Do you want to be part of an exciting growth journey into new markets? Check out who works here—and see if there’s an open position that’s right for you!

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