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Meet Bonnie!

Say hi to your new co-player, here to help you master every task.

Not your typical AI.

Bonnie is a retail expert—built and trained to understand ever-changing consumer behaviors. Thanks to her human perception of products, targeting becomes precise, content compelling, and loyalty strategies unbeatable. Together, you’ll take your business to new heights.

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Let Bonnie serve you insights.

AI-powered assistance offers tailored analysis and action plans for your goals and challenges. The payoff? Crystal-clear customer insights and sharp strategies to streamline your marketing efforts.

  • Strategy and action plans: Bonnie analyzes your reports and provides actionable insights to meet your goals and overcome challenges.
  • Know your next move: Success management with Bonnie ensures you know your next best actions for optimal progress and results. (Coming soon)
  • Get ahead with predictions: Utilize predictive values and churn scores to understand your customer lifecycle and make proactive decisions.
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Let Bonnie lead you ahead.

Discover AI-driven targeting tactics and ready-to-use audiences to effortlessly reach your dream crowd, master segmentation, and keep customers coming back.

  • Product affinity targeting: Reach the right audience with your product campaigns, ensuring you always hit the mark.
  • Purchase personas: Segment your customer base according to their shopping habits, paving the way for strategic mastery.
  • Churn prevention: Keep customers coming back for more with churn scoring, unleashing effective retention strategies.

Let Bonnie sell for you.

Bonnie can associate with products as humans do. By analyzing your product data and images, she gives your customers exactly what they’re looking for on your website—smarter and quicker.

  • AI-driven search and product recommendations: Help customers find your products easily with personalized search results and product suggestions.
  • Machine translations and multi-market sales: Bonnie’s machine translation understands synonyms in all languages so you can sell effortlessly across markets.
  • AI-powered conversational commerce: Bonnie redefines shopping with next-gen conversational intelligence and product recommendations. (Coming soon)
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Let Bonnie create with you.

Boost your productivity with AI-generated content and A/B testing that will make you create faster, minimize repetitive tasks, and increase the overall creative quality.

  • AI-assisted SMS creation: Create engaging SMS content optimized for conversion. With Bonnie, you’ll get it done in the blink of an eye.
  • AI-generated subject lines and A/B testing: Make your email subject lines precise and impactful, and increase open rates with automated A/B testing.
  • AI-driven creation of on-site messages: Get up to speed with AI-generated text, images, and video content (BETA).
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Want us to introduce you to Bonnie?

Reach out and we’ll set up a meeting.