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Voyado Elevate

Site navigation to boost conversions

The Site navigation function dynamically adapts product categories to support and guide each visitor to quickly find the products that are most relevant.

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Smarter navigation for more conversions

Logical and easy to use site navigation keeps users engaged and much more likely to find what they are looking for.

  • Filter to find the most relevant results
  • Relevance based category listings on purchase probability

This is how we make navigation smarter

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Dynamic product attributes
Filtering options (facets) dynamically change their order customers navigate the site. They narrow down the product list to more relevant matches. These facets can be any product attribute, such as size, colour, category or brand.
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The most relevant products first
The recommended product sort order is by relevance, based on current trends and any merchandizing strategy you have set up.
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Tailor categories to suit your brand
Categories help users get an overview of what your site offers. By displaying categories that accurately represent your product range, customers will find what they want faster.
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Breadcrumbs are a secondary navigation that help users keep track of where they are on the site. In Elevate, breadcrumbs show all categories within the journey from the root category. Elevate will keep track of which path the user has taken.

Only weeks after we went live, the new site was delivering great numbers in terms of customer engagement as well as overall performance.”

Anders Wall, CEO at Dormy

Read how Dormy increases online conversion by 27%
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Visual intelligence sets Elevate apart

Elevate automatically extracts information from images using sophisticated analysis. Color, pattern, brand, materials and occasion are just some of what can be read or enriched by Elevate. This information can then be used in search results and navigation for smoother online shopping.

With this visual intelligence, together with more features, Elevate has become the go-to product discovery engine for fashion and beauty retailers in the Nordics. When a product catalogue runs into the thousands, there is no way to manually merchandize on-site. AI is the obvious solution, and you won’t get a more sophisticated system than Voyado Elevate.

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