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Voyado Engage

A campaign management platform built for success

This is where you create, send, test, and optimize your communication to make sure it’s top-notch – and loved by your customers.

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Take your campaigns to the next level

With a campaign management platform, it’s easy-as-pie to create, send, test, and optimize your communication to make it sharp, compelling and tailored to your customers.

  • Holistic campaign management across all channels
  • Improved customer loyalty and lifetime value
  • Higher campaign efficiency, lower marketing costs
  • Optimized time and resources

How the campaign management platform works

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We love to help you create emails that make your customers love your brand! Personalized, on-brand emails with the right offers for the right customers? Of course!
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SMS marketing is a must: texts have an impressive open rate of 98%! Get started by creating texts for SMS campaigns – and why not use them in your marketing automation?
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Tailor promotions to your customers for a personalized experience. Use them in texts and marketing automation with unique codes for each customer that are valid online and in-store.
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Personalize social media campaigns with Voyado. Add user generated content, sync segments with Facebook and Google customer match, and serve live feeds in email. Boom! You've nailed Social media marketing.
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Feedback is an essential part of the process, right? Use an NPS survey (a simple question that the customer answers on a scale from 0 to 10) in your emails to really understand your customers!
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Test, test, test!
Voyado offers loads of ways to test campaigns: A/B testing, control groups and test scenario groups. Even the world’s best campaign can be tweaked according to data insights to be made even better!

See what a campaign management platform does

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”We create and send our newsletters, offers and SMS seamlessly from Voyado, where we create them quickly, using stylish, customized templates.”

Bank Bergström, CEO at Nordic Nest

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Create buzzing campaigns

Ace your multichannel campaigns

Voyado Engage makes it super easy to work with emails, SMS, personalization, gamification, surveys, recommendations, social campaigns, and promotions. In Voyado, a campaign becomes interactive, personalized and truly 360°.

You reach your customer where they already are. You’re the expert on whether your customers prefer TikTok or a good, old fashioned email, we just give you a really straightforward way to create the material. The possibilities for successful campaigns are endless, let your creativity run wild!

Curious about campaign management?

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