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We chose to partner up with companies in different categories that our customers often use alongside Voyado – to make sure the experience for our customers run smoothly.

Platforms and products

Partners in this category are platforms and software like retail POS and e-commerce platforms. We make sure we work well together with our API’s so it’s easy for our customers to connect us.

Consultants and strategy

The consultant partners help with onboarding customer-focused business areas in Voyado when it’s being set up, but also through the usage of our platform. Strategic partners help our customers with strategies tailored to maximize campaigns, whether it’s during set-up or years in of using Voyado.

Become a partner

Do you want to join the Voyado success journey and be a part of providing an unbeatable retail experience for customers globally? You’ll be a part of a large network of retail companies.

We went out looking for a platform to support our customer loyalty strategy. We did our due diligence and looked at many different CRM and marketing automation options. The reason we ended up with Voyado was much due to their retail experience and power combined with the platform's simplicity.

Elin Ekvall - Commercial Director

For us, Voyado is the perfect combination of power and usability. Using internal resource, the platform gives us the ability to act on customer insights and successfully create great customer experiences.

Pär Gancarz - CRM Manager

Voyado provides us with the in-depth knowledge of our existing members, enabling us to create better and more personalized content that improve the customer experiences. The system has a user-friendly UI and great automation possibilities which makes us able to do more with less efforts than before.

Moa Strand - CMO

Voyado is the hub of our CRM work, and it covers all of our needs for targeted communication. By integrating it with several of our other systems, we get a 360° customer view, and quickly see great opportunities to act on.

Thomas Thorén - CRM Manager

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The Voyado customer experience cloud includes all the features you need to create personalized one-to-one communication with your end-customers.

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  • AI-powered features to grow your business
  • Create customer journeys with marketing automation

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