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Our extensive network of partners means every customer gets the best out of Voyado. We are proud to work with only the best in the business.

Service partners

Voyado’s Service partners help our customers with strategic advice, implementation, integrations, and operational services. Both Engage and Elevate are powerful platforms with multiple features, so a service partner offers insight and expertise to ensure Voyado’s customers implement the features that best serve their business needs.

Technology partners

Voyado works with Technology partners to offer solutions our customers want to deploy. We work together to develop standard integrations between Voyado and the Technology partner, map out complimentary functions and ensure we have joint service partners so we can help our customers deploy composable solutions quickly.

Hey current partners!

Already a partner? Head on over to the partner portal where you’ll find everything you need to successfully promote and implement our products.  From sales materials to technical documentation and user-friendly guides. Stay informed and up-to-date with the latest news regarding our products, all in one convenient location.

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Become a Voyado partner

Do you want to join the Voyado success story and help us to provide an unbeatable retail experience for customers globally? You’ll be a part of a large network of retail companies.

Voyado creates value for partners by focussing on these main drivers:

  • Customer growth
  • Customer monetization
  • Operational ease


Why partner with us?

The Nordic's leading CXP

Tailored for retail, you won’t find a better platform to increase customer loyalty. With 300+ brands using Voyado globally, you’ll be part of a large network of retail companies.

Synergies for success

Our vision is to work with the most suitable partners to grow both businesses. We believe in best-of-breed solutions that create synergies and complement each other to help our customers succeed.

Support and care

Voyado is a highly value-driven company where we take pride in our employees and partnerships. It takes two to tango, so we treat our partners as if they were part of our own organization.

”Our close partnership with Voyado has laid the foundation for further development of our services and expertise in CRM and loyalty, and has been a key element in our success in loyalty development and goal achievement for our Nordic retail customers.”

Toralf Waaktaar-Slokvik,
CEO at Oculos