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Voyado Elevate

Site search

Voyado Elevate uses multiple data points to create radically smarter searches, ensuring your customers find the products they are looking for, faster than ever.

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A powerful search experience

Using historical data together with powerful AI, the product discovery engine makes better search experiences, every time.

  • Autocomplete makes relevant suggestions
  • Detailed reports on search statistics
  • Combines product data with image analysis for richer product information

This is how we make search smarter

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Auto complete
As the user starts typing in the search box, Elevate suggests the fastest route to the intended product or content by making the most relevant suggestions.
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Synonyms & typos
You say ‘sandals’, your friend says ‘flip-flops’. When you type fast it becomes 'sadnals.' Elevate is exceptional at understanding how people search and the many names we call things, using rich product knowledge to interpret your customers’ intent and provide a relevant result, typo and all.
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Product & category suggestions
Take advantage of your long tail. Relevant products will be displayed to users whilst typing, enabling them to find the right product, faster.
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Image & color
Automated color analysis of products ensures shoppers can find the right products, even when the product descriptions do not contain the specific hue of green they are looking for.
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Content search
Customers can easily find more content: store locations, delivery information, care instructions and brand information from the search field. For a richer search result.
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Offer another look
Recently viewed products is another type of search assistant that remind the user about items they looked at before. The customer can return to products after viewing similar ones.
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”Voyado Elevate allows us to maintain an e-commerce site offering great customer experience, where it is easy for customers to find the products or inspiration they need.”

Richard Lyko, CEO and Owner at Lyko

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Intelligent search for a better customer experience

Elevate is a highly advanced product discovery engine that considers multiple data points to make sure your customers get to the product they are looking for smoothly.

With capabilities that consider data, product information and an advanced image analysis tool, you can be sure that, once set up, Elevate helps your customers out 24/7, without much effort from you.

You remain in full control of the customer journey in your online store, setting promotions and demotions, or merchandizing every page individually. Plus, you can set the system to automatically prioritize different business goals.

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