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Grow faster with retail marketing automation

With retail marketing automation, you can create personalized emails and text messages that send themselves. That way, you can grow sales without growing your workload. Less work, more conversions - it’s simply a win-win situation!

Voyado is a leader in Marketing Automation on G2 Voyado is a leader in Marketing Automation on G2

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Get started with retail marketing automation

3 reasons why

Voyado  focuses solely on retail and e-commerce businesses so our marketing automation feature contains pre-set triggers that are commonly used in e-commerce and retail. It’s super easy to get started, and see these benefits:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Successful onboarding of new customers
  • Turn abandoned carts into sales
Voyado is a high performer in marketing automation

Voyado is a leader in Marketing Automation on G2 Voyado is a leader in Marketing Automation on G2

This is how retail marketing automation works

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Welcome series
Make a great first impression by giving new subscribers a warm welcome.
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Date-based trigger
Send an offer or reward on a customer’s birthday or anniversary.
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Product follow-up
Show customers who recently bought something a little extra love by giving them tips on installation or how to take care of the product.
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Customer re-engagement
Reach out to customers who haven’t purchased in a while by creating a retargeting campaign and become an expert on customer retention in retail.
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Transactional emails
Send order confirmations immediately after purchases. These emails have an average open rate of around 80% so think carefully about what is in them. Essential info plus product recommendations is usually a winning formula!
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Anti-churn automation
Take action against customers who are about to leave you by setting up a flow based on predictive scoring.
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Abandoned cart
Send an email to everyone who has left something in their online shopping cart.

How marketing automation can benefit retailers

increase in full-price shoppers
by Malene Birger
of CRM sales are from automation
conversion on abandoned cart
Love Stories
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”Marketing automation helps us quickly and easily make the customer journey a long-lasting, sustainable and more personal meeting.”

Richard Hunyadi, In-house Manager at Nudie Jeans

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Why marketing automation?

Marketing automation is the way to utilize your customer data to create relevant customer experiences at scale. You can send the right messages to the right people at the right moment – with virtually no effort. Talk to, inspire, and keep your customers based on who they are and how they connect with your brand.

  • Create engaging one-to-one communication for every single customer
  • Communicate with your customers without any manual work

Curious about retail marketing automation?

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