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Voyado Engage

Decision intelligence with insights & reports

By putting your data to work, you’ll gain insights about your customers, their behaviors, your products, communication, and revenue – across all channels.

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Improve your sales with analytics

Want to turn your customers into loyal fans? The key is to get to know them on a super-personal level and to follow up on each step of your work.

  • Get an overview of all off your contacts
  • Find out how your stores are performing
  • Get analyzed purchase data
  • Get insights to optimize time and resources

This is what makes insights & reports

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Loyalty with rewards
Rewarding loyal customers is what Voyado is all about. We make it super simple—measure redemption rate, outstanding points, points to convert, the current voucher liability, and the number of vouchers to convert into voucher value.
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Complete contact overview
Get insight into your contacts—see which contacts spend the most during a given period, compare purchases per store, see the number of contacts and follow the growth of your contact base and members.
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Follow store KPIs
See the current key figures for your stores and compare them to the same period last year, and the year before that. Follow KPIs per store and see registered members per store.
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Analyzing your campaigns
Measure purchases based on SMS send-outs and email messages, clicks, opens and delivery data for all your emails—both manual send-outs and automated ones.
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Customer monetization growth
See the most purchased articles and categories, follow purchases per store and see what’s being purchased on the same receipt. Follow average order value and items per order.
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Contact base growth
Get an overview of how your contact base has developed, the number contacts you can communicate with, how many of your contacts made a purchase and where in the customer lifecycle your contacts are.
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Test for success
Testing determines the impact of a small variable in a message. The most important part of testing is the follow up, then adapting your messaging to what works best—that will make your customers come back.
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Dig deeper with BI
Digging deeper is the way to go if you want to really understand your customers. There are several options for analysts to get your data directly from Voyado into your own Power BI dashboard or by doing a BI export.

”Increased insights about our customers and extensive follow-up of our marketing activities mean that we can be more relevant and get the right message in the right channel at the right time.”

Annelie Silverby, CRM Manager at Scorett


Learn how your customers behave through data

By really diving into your customer data, you understand which customers are really valuable to your brand and give them some extra attention. It’s equally important to keep an eye on which customers are no longer engaging, and use proven techniques to win them back.

  • Buying patterns and what triggers them
  • Cross-channel interactions with your brand, and how this can impact customer value
  • Your customers’ interests and preferences
  • Which communication works on which channel
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Use decision intelligence to interpret your data

Engage’s decision intelligence uses AI to enhance how data is interpreted. Decision intelligence is used alongside Business intelligence to show correlations and suggest actions based on your data. It is built into churn scoring, predictive CLV, and suggested lifecycle segments.

In reports, decision intelligence helps you with suggestions on which segments to target, and how campaigns are progressing. Revenue attribution is also applied to all send-outs, meaning you can see revenue contribution from every email and SMS sent from Engage.

Curious about insights & reports?

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