Voyado acquires ReDeal operations

Today, Voyado announces the acquisition of ReDeal's operations. The strategic acquisition is important for Voyado to further challenge global competitors in customer loyalty, strengthening its position inside and outside the Nordic region.

Johan Bäckarlin och Victor Wennerholm

Stockholm, November 17 – Today, Voyado announces the acquisition of ReDeal’s operations. The strategic acquisition is important for Voyado to further challenge global competitors in customer loyalty, strengthening its position inside and outside the Nordic region.

ReDeal is renowned for its digital solutions in referral marketing, where delighted customers recommend their favorite stores and products to their network. Additionally, they provide effective pop-up solutions for e-commerce websites, enabling personalized campaigns, and enhancing customer recruitment and engagement.

By integrating ReDeal’s functionalities into its product portfolio, Voyado allows CRM departments to utilize better e-commerce traffic, increase customer activation, and recruit new customers. This strategic acquisition positions Voyado as an even more capable partner in addressing retailers’ specific needs.

“This acquisition represents a significant milestone following our earlier acquisition of Apptus, enhancing our on-site offerings. Our ambition is to cover a larger portion of the tech ecosystem and provide advanced functionality for loyalty, relevance, and growth. Now, we are even better equipped to meet the specific needs of retailers,” said Johan Bäckarlin, founder of Voyado.

Voyado and ReDeal have had a successful partnership for several years, and this deal is a natural evolution of that partnership.

In 2023, Voyado successfully expanded its presence in the UK market, securing partnerships with prominent retailers like Belstaff. The synergy between Voyado and ReDeal has been instrumental in outperforming competitors, particularly in new markets.

Victor Wennerholm, ReDeal CEO, comments on the deal: “We believe that integrating ReDeal’s functionality into Voyado will unlock enhanced value for our customers. We’re excited to embark on this growth journey as an integral part of the Voyado team.”

Boosting membership base

In a rapidly evolving retail landscape with increasing regulations on third-party consumer data, many retailers are shifting their focus to loyalty and relevance through first-party data utilization. ReDeal’s technology empowers retailers and e-commerce businesses to rapidly expand their membership base while retaining control over customer communication without reliance on external platforms.

Johan Bäckarlin concludes: “We have been working with ReDeal for a long time and have seen firsthand how their technology has helped our customers quickly increase the number of members.”


For more information, please contact:
Sara Backsell, Voyado PR & Communications Manager, at sara.backsell@voyado.com or +46(0)76-288 56 15.

About Voyado

Voyado is a SaaS company helping retail brands create hyper-relevant shopping experiences, increase customer loyalty and drive business growth. Their AI-powered customer experience cloud includes a product discovery engine with deep product knowledge to predict and respond to visitors’ intentions on e-commerce websites, and a multichannel marketing platform that offers invaluable insights and campaign tools for delivering automated and personalized shopping experiences.

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, the company has more than 300 employees around Northern Europe, growing rapidly with customers around the world.

About ReDeal

ReDeal is a digital marketing solutions provider specializing in referral marketing and pop-ups on-site. They empower retailers to expand their membership base and acquire new customers by harnessing the power of happy customers recommending their favorite shops, products, and services.