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Voyado commits to the "Email Expiration Date" initiative

With an estimated (and growing) number of 340 billion emails sent and received globally each year, the need for sustainable practices in storing data has become increasingly urgent.

There are huge benefits to email as a marketing channel for building brand loyalty, nurturing customer relationships, and driving sales. However, the accumulation of stored emails poses environmental challenges. Although technology has provided users with increased storage capacity, the environmental consequences of maintaining servers and email infrastructure must be considered.

In the past, people had to delete emails regularly or set up automatic deletion rules themselves, something rarely done. Once an email is received, it often remains stored unnecessarily, which takes up valuable server space in large server parks. These parks require power to run the servers and cool the facilities, and the manufacturing of the servers uses natural resources. While saving us time managing our inboxes and email storage, we also unknowingly leave a carbon footprint in our day-to-day lives.

Voyado has committed to the ‘Email Expiration Date’ initiative to address this issue. The project focuses on implementing an expiration date mechanism that automatically deletes obsolete and unnecessary emails. By doing so, energy consumption and costs will be minimized, reducing the carbon footprint associated with email storage.

Voyado has outlined three key actions as part of their commitment: 

  • Implementing the expiration date mechanism.
  • Actively supporting the initiative and generating more awareness.
  • Participate in working groups to advance the project’s objectives.

“Emails are a crucial communications channel for all our customers; therefore, it is important to continually develop our practices and take every step towards a more sustainable industry,” says Karin Gardström, Product Engineer Sustainability at Voyado.


For more information, please contact:
Sara Backsell, Voyado PR & Communications Manager, at or +46(0)76-288 56 15.

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