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Voyado welcomes Efva Attling

VWe are very happy to announce Efva Attling as our new customer.

Here’s what Adina Eriksson, Content Manager & E-Commerce Coordinator, says about why they chose Voyado:

” We chose to partner up with Voyado because of their impeccable and professional support and genuine interest in us growing and succeeding together. This is a system where we can keep developing our business, not only today or tomorrow but over a long time. With Voyado, we look forward to being able to get to know our customers even better. With the help of customer data, our goal is to give more personalized service, both online and in-store. We want to deliver a recognizable and seamless experience for our customers – regardless of where or how they choose to visit us.”

Efva Attling Stockholm runs 7 concept stores located in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmoe, and Helsinki in Finland. The brand is also represented by more than 200 retailers worldwide.

“We are excited to welcome Efva Attling as our new customer. With a great focus on giving their own customers a first-class personalized experience, we are very delighted to be part of Efva Attling’s journey forward.” – Christopher Valdmaa, Senior Sales Executive, Voyado.

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About Voyado

Voyado is a SaaS company helping retail brands create hyper-relevant shopping experiences, increase customer loyalty and drive business growth. Their AI-powered customer experience cloud includes a product discovery engine with deep product knowledge to predict and respond to visitors’ intentions on e-commerce websites, and a multichannel marketing platform that offers invaluable insights and campaign tools for delivering automated and personalized shopping experiences.

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, the company has more than 300 employees around Northern Europe, growing rapidly with customers around the world.

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