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Voyado welcomes Nordic Nest

Voyado is pleased to announce one of our newest customers: Nordic Nest!

Nordic Nest is based in Kalmar and is expanding continuously. Their webshop is currently available in nine languages.

Their CEO, Bank Bergström, gives us his view on why they chose Voyado:

“Nordic Nest loves the Scandinavian lifestyle, and so do our customers. We aim for world-class customer experience, so we constantly try to give our customers not only the best Scandinavian interior but also the most relevant communication and personalized offers for each customer.

We chose Voyado as our CRM tool because it keeps track of our customers’ purchases, returns, and club member’s rewards. It also helps us analyze and act on customer behavior.

We create and send our newsletters, offers, and SMS seamlessly from Voyado, where we quickly create them based on stylish, customized templates. Something I really appreciate is the close contact with Voyado, we quickly get in touch with someone who can help if we have any questions.”

Many thanks, Bank Bergström! We’re so happy that you’ve chosen Voyado.



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