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Varner strengthens their commitment to long-term customer loyalty

Varner is now further strengthening its commitment to loyalty and customer relationships by partnering with Voyado.

Fredrik Hrdlicka och Petter Sørby

Seven out of ten customers shopping at one of Varner’s stores are club members. Varner is further strengthening its commitment to loyalty and customer relationships by partnering with Voyado to connect the in-store experience with online platforms and enhance the customer journey across all touchpoints.

Varner is one of Scandinavia’s largest fashion retail groups comprising Cubus, Dressmann, Bik Bok, Carlings, Volt, Junkyard, and franchise chain Levi’s store, operating in a total of 1200 physical stores and six online stores.

Varner’s strategy revolves around creating a community-driven approach to customer loyalty, and the customer club has more than 7 million members. Voyado will enable Varner to leverage advanced automation capabilities and drive personalized engagements based on customer behavior, allowing customers’ preferences to shape their purchase journey.

”We are looking to engage customers based on engagement rather than transactions, allowing customer preferences to shape the shopping experience. Different activities will automatically trigger different parts of the loyalty scheme”, says Petter Sørby, Product Manager at Varner.

The customer loyalty program enhances long-term customer engagement, driving revenue for the group.

Strong omnichannel strategy 

Varner has successfully maintained physical stores as a crucial part of their positioning and customer strategy, as they recognize the vital role of physical stores also driving online sales. Varner sees the opportunity to create seamless connections between the in-store and online customer experiences, maximizing customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

”Varner is committed to delivering exceptional experiences to their customers. We are proud to be selected as their long-term partner for bringing their vision of customer loyalty to life,” says Fredrik Hrdlicka at Voyado.

Varner has previously been acknowledged for their focus on technology, and recently announced their investment in Sitoo, a new point-of-sales system that is currently being implemented.

“All our 1200 stores will be connected to both Sitoo and Voyado by the end of this year. Our strategy is to build on our great community, fostering brand loyalty regardless of what channel our customers choose to shop. We have long-term plans for better utilizing customer insights in-store, providing store personnel tools to deliver personal experiences each time”, says Petter.

Varner has been using Voyado Elevate since 2021 and is now utilizing Voyado’s full offering.

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