“A strong membership community is a business-critical advantage in today's economy”

Stadium utilizes its customer club and loyalty programs to improve performance and establish customer preferences. To continue this effort, Stadium has partnered with Voyado.


In recent years, the retail industry has witnessed a significant increase in the complexity of the customer journey. With interactions across various online and offline touchpoints, retailers face challenges in tracking and understanding the entire customer journey.

“We must ensure that we have the best tools to reach the right person with the right communication throughout the whole customer journey in order to build preferences and long-term loyalty among our customers,” says Lars Rosén, Head of Marketing at Stadium.

Robin Liljestrand, CRM Manager at Stadium, adds, “Today, we have a strong membership base that accounts for a significant portion of our total sales. We will continue to invest in brand-building activities targeted towards our members. Through relevant communication, we are confident that we can help even more members live an active life.”

For Stadium, developing a strong omnichannel strategy is crucial, creating synergies between the digital and physical. By leveraging insights and data points from both channels, Stadium can enhance the precision of its communication.

Lars continues, “In the current economic climate, we need to find ways to maximize results across all platforms and continue to build our own community while benefiting from the first-party data that customer clubs provide. We strongly believe in combining the physical and digital customer experience and require technology that supports our strategy.”

“Consumers today expect a seamless experience, but they have different needs when shopping in physical stores compared to online. Stadium excels at putting the customer first and understanding how these different channels can collaborate to create relevance in all touchpoints. We are thrilled to collaborate with Stadium,” says Johan Nyrelli at Voyado.

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