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Lloyds Apotek chooses Voyado

We are so happy and proud to present our latest customer, Lloyds Apotek!

Lloyds Apotek was founded in 2010 when it opened its first pharmacy in Eskilstuna 2010, and today, they have 77 full service pharmacies in Sweden.

We got a word from Sebastian Wickberg, Head of commercial at Lloyds Apotek, who gave us his reasons for choosing Voyado.

“It was important for us to find a complete solution that covers all of our needs and more – plus, it had to be user friendly. And in Voyado, we don’t have to develop everything we want to do from scratch, since it’s already in place! Voyado really gives us the possibility to take care of our customers in a better way. It’s easy for us to provide relevant content and build customer journeys, as we can work faster and be flexible. Voyado also feels like a safe and very professional platform that allows us to be in control. I’m completely convinced that Voyado will take our loyalty program to a whole other level. Due to the fact that we are a small organization compared to many other retailers, we believe it’s perfect for us to start with a “package deal” – that allows us the opportunity to be inspired by other retailers and the forums that Voyado facilitates.

I also want to emphasize the fact that the people we have been in contact with at Voyado have been extremely structured, professional, and helpful during our initial discussions. They know the platform inside and out and gave us straight answers to our questions at an early stage. Now, we are really looking forward to getting this implementation done as fast as possible so we can start working with Voyado!”

Thanks a bunch for the kind words, Sebastian. We are thrilled to get this going as well!

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