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MOS MOSH takes the next step in loyalty together with Voyado

We proudly welcome Danish fashion brand MOS MOSH to Voyado. Not only do they create fashion that lasts – they do it with heart and by staying true to their principles in their quest for a better future for our planet.


MOS MOSH was founded back in 2010 by Kim Hyldahl, with a clear vision set on well-fitted garments, high quality, and most importantly, designed with a twist.

Always guided by heart and principles, MOS MOSH want to take responsibility for the planet by creating garments that last–and with their second hand concept ReLoved, they also contribute to a circular economy.

“MOS MOSH is part of the fashion industry, and we recognize that achieving complete sustainability and perfection is a challenge. However, we have a responsibility to move toward a more sustainable direction. The circular mindset is crucial for us. Our goal is to create products with exceptional durability that last for years.

Therefore, it makes sense to pass on your MOS MOSH clothing to others and give it a second chance to be worn and loved again by someone new. Customers can do this through our second hand universe – ReLoved.

We are proud of the journey we have taken so far, and we are excited about the path we are following for the future, where MOS MOSH will continue to grow with a responsible mindset.” – Stefan Enghave Frandsen, Head of E-com at MOS MOSH

“Working with many retailers, I know that sustainability is a big challenge in the retail industry. I’m thrilled about the opportunity to work with a brand like MOS MOSH that fully embraces and commits to working towards more sustainable commerce.

Particularly, the evolution of re-commerce within fashion is where MOS MOSH can seize great value in utilizing first-party data to contribute to a circular economy.

They are on this journey together with their customers to achieve a more sustainable future, and we’re happy to be their supporting partner.” – Julia Karlsson, Sales Manager at Voyado

MOS MOSH now chooses to go with Voyado to take the next step for their business – where they will be able to meet their customers with timely, personalized, and relevant communication within their upcoming loyalty program.

”We chose Voyado to support us with our upcoming loyalty program. We will focus on communicating about our secondhand universe, ReLoved by MOS MOSH, through which we make it even easier for our customers to trade-in or sell to the second-hand market.

With Voyado, we will get the tools we need to collect and act on data to get important customer insights, which will help us create more personalized experiences for our customers and members. The multi-market support in Voyado will also help us with a seamless internationalization and smooth communication across all our markets.” – Stefan Enghave Frandsen, Head of E-com at MOS MOSH

For more information, please contact:
Sara Backsell, Voyado PR & Communications Manager, at or +46(0)76-288 56 15.

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