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Voyado welcomes 2 new customers in Finland

We are so proud to welcome Moomin and Rapala to the family!

We had a chat with both Moomin and Rapala, and here’s what Jonas Forth, Managing Director at Moomin, says about why they chose Voyado:

Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity. That was a key factor in deciding upon Voyado as our CRM/Loyalty tool but the partnership itself was equally important. Voyado has the right approach on how to take care of, inspire and elevate their customers to the next level. A big plus was that they fit well into our technical infrastructure connecting easily with Shopify (CMS) and Sitoo (POS).

We also got a comment from Mattias Eriksson, VP Strategic Accounts at Voyado:

“We are extremely proud to be a part of this fantastic brand’s global journey. Who has not grown up with the white troll Moomin. What’s extra exciting for Voyado is a huge success and opportunity this company are experiencing and not the least working tightly with the talented people behind the brand.” 

At Rapala, we talked to Melissa Bang, Director, ecommerce and digital marketing, and here’s what she says:

We landed with Voyado due to their Retail expertise. It shines through in both the product they build and in how they support their customers. Rapala is a global brand and need both speed and simplicity across markets and Voyado checks all the boxes for us.

This is what Mattias Eriksson says about this partnership:

“As a fishing fanatic, I can’t be more excited about partnering with Rapala as a brand. Voyado is excited to support this talented team on a global scale, we are proud to have been selected as their strategic partner to increase customer loyalty.”

We are thrilled to be working together with both these brands and to find out where this journey will take us!

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