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Voyado partners with UGC platform provider Flowbox

Voyado can now announce the partnership with SaaS company Flowbox – which provides a platform that enables brands to collect user-generated content (UGC) from social media and distribute it to their own social and digital channels.

Using UGC in email marketing will now become easier than ever for Voyado customers. Voyado has built a module that allows companies to effortlessly integrate content collected in Flowbox’s platform in emails that are distributed through Voyado.

“By partnering up with Voyado we’ve been able to create a smoother workflow for our shared clients. This will enable them to enrich their marketing campaigns with inspiring user-generated content,” says Serdal Sayar, Partnership Manager at Flowbox.

The content that is curated in Flowbox is sent to Voyado as users copy a so-called “flow key” from Flowbox and add it to the newly built module. Users are then able to style the UGC Flow directly in the Voyado platform before sending the email. To use the feature, both a Flowbox and a Voyado account are required.

“Our partnership and integration with Flowbox allow our customers to get user-generated content into Voyado from Social platforms. This enables customers to enrich their marketing campaigns with inspiring content from actual users – which works as social proof and strengthens the brand” says Niklas Brattfors, Strategic Partnership Manager at Voyado.




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