Campaign Management Platform

What is campaign management?

You can probably tell by the name that it has to do with campaigns. Yes, it’s where you create, send, test, and optimize your communication to make sure it’s as sharp as a razor. A campaign management platform takes all your segmented customers, and lists and personalizes the hell out of the communication towards them! For example, create and send SMS, email, social or postal communication.

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Supercharge your retail campaigns to the next level with Voyado

A campaign management platform is designed for you to create, send, and test your communication. So, we could answer that it’s up to you how you use it! Because to be honest, when it comes to campaigns – your creativity is what will set the limits. Work with emails, SMS, personalization, gamification, surveys, recommendations, social campaigns, and promotions etcetera.

For you as a retailer, your campaigns and how well you know your customers and their interest – weigh much higher than your products.

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Our campaign management tools and features

Buckle up to read about a massive load of features! Campaigns are a huge part of creating customer loyalty, and there’s a lot you can do to create hyper-personalized campaigns in Voyado.


First of all – the emails in Voyado are created through drag and drop modules which makes it fast and easy. You can customize new modules if you need one that is not included in our essential or advanced modules.


Have you heard that the opening rate for SMS marketing is 98 percent? No? That’s reason enough for you to know that SMS marketing is a must so we could leave it at that, – but we also want to say that you can create texts for SMS campaigns, or use them in your marketing automation. Or both.


Here’s a biggie. Promotions are a huge part of campaigns! That’s why Voyado gives you a lot of options that you can use through emails or text, or via marketing automation.


We all know how important social media is in marketing these days, needless to say. So obviously, we have connections with different solutions for social media in your communication.


Finding out what your customers think about your brand and their experiences is always a good idea. Use a survey in your emails to find out once in a while!


Do brands still do that? Not as much, but yes! You have the option if you want to send a little personal invite, a magazine, or a gift to your most loyal customers! You can also use it to send vouchers to members that are lacking a mobile number or email address in Voyado.

Test your retail campaigns to reach the ultimate results

In your mind, you might have created a flawless, personalized campaign. But what if there were ways to see if there’s room for even more improvement? This is where testing enters the campaign game! Voyado offers many different ways of testing, and here are a few examples:

A/B Testing

Never underestimate the difference one small thing can do. A/B testing is designed for you to create two versions of the same email or text, and change one variable to see which one works best. These are some examples of what you can test:

Control groups

This function is used to test the turnout of one specific message. Create a control group that contains 10 percent of the total segment of customers. That group will not receive the message. This is a very easy way to determine if your different campaigns are effective.

Test scenario groups

You can split a segment into 2-5 sample groups and pretty much test any variable. The groups are randomly selected but you can decide the size of the groups. Use this way of testing to see which campaign method works best.  Here are some examples of what you can test:

All the results are measured in the test scenario report in the feature called Insights in Voyado.


Benefits of using Voyado for campaign management

The campaign management in Voyado is specifically tailored for retail, and we are in constant dialogue with our customers. Therefore, we continuously make updates and work towards making your campaign management as effective as possible! We also have a bunch of great partners who are easily integrated with our campaign management tool, take a look at some of them here.

Voyado – more than just a campaign management platform

Besides all of the cool things you can do with campaigns – that soultion is just one of Voyado’s features! They all work together as one powerful platform to create customer loyalty. And that should always be the end goal for retailers! Because you know, loyal customers are what will make the revenue lines on your charts go up.  

See all of Voyado’s features

Are you eager to create some buzzing campaigns?

Of course, you are! And if you want to see the campaign management platform and all the other cool features in Voyado – set up a demo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions we get about our campaign management platform.

What is a campaign management platform?

It's the place where you create, test, and analyze all of your campaigns! Handle everything from email, SMS, postal, social, and gamification campaigns. The campaign management solution in Voyado is just one of all our features – all designed for retailers to reach customer loyalty.

How is Voyado's campaign management platform different from others?

Since we have tailored our entire product for retailers looking to grow their business – our campaign solution has everything a retailer needs to create campaigns that stand out! Along with five other features that all work together for brands to get loyal customers.

Why do I need platform optimized for retail campaign management?

Because retail campaigns and the way you conduct them are of huge importance for your revenue. You need a platform that gives you everything you need in one place. In Voyado, campaign management is just one of our features, and they are all designed for retailers to create hyper-personalized communication and reach customer loyalty – which will ultimately increase the revenue.

Is Voyado's retail campaign solutions software, cloud or online based?

Voyado is cloud-based, as our entire platform is based in Azure.

Do Voyado's campaign management tools include reporting and automation?

Yes! Voyado is one platform with the power of six features, including campaign, reports, automation, CDP, loyalty and AI.

Is A/B testing of retail campaigns included in your product?

Yes, you can A/B test the communication you send via Voyado. When you A/B test in marketing automation workflows, it is called randomized split.

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