SMS marketing for e-commerce

Engage your customers with SMS marketing for e-commerce

The chances of people opening, reading, and even clicking through text messages from e-commerce brands and retailers are high! With a mind-blowing open rate of 98 percent – SMS is one of the absolute best ways to reach your customers.


7 things you can do with SMS marketing!

When using SMS marketing for e-commerce, the sky is the limit.

  • Create SMS campaigns
  • Run A/B tests
  • Schedule messages or send them instantly
  • Set up marketing automations
  • Personalize messages
  • Integrate messages into multichannel campaigns
  • Get detailed insights on every campaign and message sent


Why is SMS marketing for e-commerce so effective?

SMS is a valuable channel for communicating with customers since it’s fast and familiar. When you get a text message, you read it – whether it’s from a friend or a brand that you trusted with your phone number. Stats actually show that 90 percent of texts are read within three minutes!

How your business can benefit from SMS marketing

A well-targeted email can be very powerful, but only communicating via email will most likely increase customer fatigue. An SMS is timely, concise, and straightforward – and when in conjunction with email, retail text message marketing is a great way to build customer loyalty and brand awareness.

“Thanks to Voyado we can segment our customer data and send out personalized offers. For example, we send out recommended graduation dresses to young women who we know are in the right age group. These personalized emails and SMS messages have converted really well for us.”

– Bubbleroom

Know your customers

If you don’t understand your customers, it’s hard to deliver top-notch experiences! Voyado’s SMS marketing for retail generates detailed data on every sent text message, including statistics on unsubscribe activity, delivery, and soft and hard bounces. This data feeds right back in so you can create better, more impactful campaigns.

Let’s get personal

Building a personal connection with customers via messages is about more than adding the customer’s name (although that’s easy to do!). Always send messages that relate to the way a customer is interacting with your brand. Did they just join your loyalty program? Welcome them with a special offer to activate and inspire a second purchase. Did they buy a new product? Hand them information about product aftercare. Is it their birthday? Send them a discount on a product they’ve been longing for!

Why choose Voyado for SMS marketing?

With Voyado, it’s easy to integrate SMS marketing into your overall CX strategy. You can send customers messages as part of complex workflows that work across channels, making communication as personal and impactful as possible. And, unlike some other SMS marketing platforms, it’s easy to set up and puts you in complete control.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most common questions about SMS marketing in ecommerce.

How can SMS be used in marketing?

SMS can be used in marketing to support a larger campaign. It is effective because of its high open and engagement rates, which enable brands to target customers with personal, timely communications.

How do I use SMS marketing to increase sales?

To increase sales with SMS marketing, you can target customers with personalized offers at exactly the right time. Using existing data on customers and combining SMS with other channels, brands can offer discounts on product areas that you know your customers are interested in.

What are the main benefits of using Voyado for SMS marketing?

Voyado’s SMS marketing for ecommerce is easy to set up and tweak, so you can be confident that your messages are as effective as possible. SMS functionality integrates seamlessly with the rest of Voyado’s tools to create an impactful customer experience.

Can different triggers be used to automate SMS messages?

Yes, you can trigger an SMS within our platform from interactions on channels, purchases, predictive scores, and many, many more.

How does Voyado deal with consent and compliance?

Voyado helps customers to stay compliant with GDPR and other regulations.

Discover how you can boost your business!

The Voyado customer experience cloud includes all the features you need to create personalized one-to-one communication with your end-customers.

  • Easy to use
  • Data insights from your customers behaviour
  • AI-powered features to grow your business
  • Create customer journeys with marketing automation

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