E-commerce Marketing Automation

Why you need e-commerce marketing automation

E-commerce marketing automation these days is a must-have. At least if you want to grow and scale your business fast and increase retention! The primary function of marketing automation in e-commerce is to map out and design the customer experience – and have it run itself without manual work! Make the experience personal, fun, engaging, and relevant –  so your customers will love you and come back for more.


What is e-commerce marketing automation?

Marketing automation in e-commerce is no different from how it works anywhere else. It’s still the same most effective way to talk to, engage, inspire and keep your customers. You set up automated workflows that are triggered by specific criteria, and as soon as a customer meets it – they’re thrown into a personal and relevant workflow that’s completely automated.

It will help you communicate on a personal level with every single customer, which will make them feel seen and appreciated. Which will make them want to shop from you again! All you need to do is set it up. And maybe smile about all the amazing results you’ll see in retention and revenue!

Why work with marketing automation in e-commerce?

We usually describe working with e-commerce marketing automation as having a platform working for you – without you having to lift a finger. But technically, you do have to lift a finger, to set it all up. But that’s the fun part because you get to decide how your customers are taken care of, in every single step of the customer journey!

Here are 4 reasons why you should work with e-com marketing automation:

Most e-commerce players are always looking for new ways to scale their business. With marketing automation flows, you can create engaging, inspiring one-to-one communication (that will lead to increased revenue) to every single customer. No matter where in the world they live or where they are in the buying journey. Nuff said.

We know, this is probably the oldest trick in the book. “Save time with our platform”. But we have to address it. Because when you start creating marketing automation workflows, you can communicate with your customers without any manual work. And that does save you time. And the good thing about Voyado is that the automation building tool is smart and intuitive. That helps, trust us.

One of the greatest benefits of marketing automation is that you can create hyper-personalized communication. Build for example a workflow that is triggered when a customer buys a specific product. And give them either instruction on how to use the product, follow up with recommended products, or trigger a gamification campaign that is related to the product they just bought.

For e-com, this is a huge deal. Because we all know how many customers leave products in their cart! There’s a smooth way to automatically remind all of these customers about the products that they left – through marketing automation.

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How e-commerce automations work in Voyado

Voyado is one platform with six features that all work smoothly together to make your communication personal and engaging. And e-commerce marketing automation is one of them. It’s what we call “the veins” of our platform. Because it’s the many smart journeys you can build for your customers – that will pump cash flow into your organization. Wow, that sounds cheesy, but you get it.


Where do you start

When you’re sketching new automations we recommend you start by defining the event that should kick off the journey. And be pretty specific! For example – a customer who bought a spring jacket from a certain brand, or a customer who redeemed an offer. And start drawing the journey on a piece of paper or a whiteboard. It’s way easier to visualize the flow that way.

– Conditions you can add to a workflow when building

First of all, you can add an offer or a discount that’s activated for every customer who enters the workflow. After that, it’s usually a good thing to add a time delay that decides how many hours or days should pass before the communication kicks in.

– Conditional splits and triggers – these two are used to create different routes in your journey based on the criteria you select. The criteria are often based on:

– Activities – this is an action that is to be performed at the appointed time in your automation. It can be an email or SMS send-out, label allocation or removal, a mobile swipe send-out, multi-channel offer assignment, or an external service lookup.

– Randomized splits – this is used to split contacts into randomized groups within an automation. Each group will be routed into its path in the automation and you can build separate chains of events for each group. A randomized split can, for example, be used to perform an A/B test or to send out an NPS question to every 5th customer.

– Copy automations – if you’re about to build multiple automations with similar journeys we recommend you build the first one and make copies of it to create the rest. This is a real-time savior since you don’t have to build every chain of activities from scratch. Here are some examples:

Want to see how it actually works?

Sure, we can go on and on about why you should work with ecommerce marketing automation and how easy and effective it is in Voyado. But we know you won’t just take our word for it. You need to, and should, see it for yourself! Book a demo here, or set up a 15-minute call if you have some quick questions you need to get answered before you want to see it.

Frequently asked questions about e-commerce marketing automation

We have collected some of the most common questions we get on the subject.

How is Voyado different compared with other marketing automation systems?  

Voyado is a platform that focuses solely on retail and e-commerce businesses. The marketing automation feature contains pre-set triggers that are commonly used in e-commerce and retail, which makes it easy to get started. The building of workflows is also very intuitive with drag and drop functions and a clear overview of the journeys you build.

Can I build automations with A/B testing?

Yes, you can! In Voyado, this function is called a randomized split. It allows you to try different versions of an SMS, or subject lines and email content. You can, of course, set it up so that the winning version goes out to everyone after a set period of time.

What about reporting?

When a marketing automation flow is live in Voyado, you can see the stats live in the workflow. You will, for example, see the number of customers who have entered, how many who took a specific route, and see the opening and click-rate. You can also find reporting about certain workflows in our "Insight" feature in Voyado.

How important is marketing automation for retaining customers in ecommerce?

It can play a very important role since you can create personalized customer journeys through marketing automation. And giving your customers personalized experiences is key when it comes to keeping them. Especially in such a competitive field as e-commerce.

Is it possible to build and customize ecommerce workflows entirely?

Yes. In Voyado, you can set up entering criteria for any marketing automation workflow. So you can decide if the entering criteria should include only customers who made purchases online.

Why book a demo of Voyado?

Because you owe it to yourself and your brand! Find out for yourself what it is about Voyado that makes so many retailers chose this particular customer loyalty platform.

It’s not just because Voyado is built specifically for retailers or because it’s so easy to use – it’s more than that. And that’s why you need to book this demo.

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