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City Gross

are easier to measure than ever before


sales increase (June 2018–June 2019)


The challenge

Before Voyado, City Gross sent out many emails and SMS messages but in an expensive and time-consuming way. They would design their communication in-house, but then send the designs off to an external agency who would put it together and send back for approval before the City Gross CRM team could send it out. If they wanted to make last minute changes it was nearly impossible. They were craving a way to take back control and at the same time lower the costs. There was also no way to segment their audiences, instead there was a one way fits all approach to their communication without any personalization opportunities.

We wanted to find a way to send out content each customer would appreciate and find relevant

Anna Piros, CRM manager at City Gross

“Before Voyado we could be sending out meat advertisement to vegetarians, and we didn’t want that to be the case.”

The solution

City Gross are now able to set up all of their emails and SMS messages quickly and easily in Voyado. The design team can create the content and the CRM team can quickly organize and distribute campaigns at moment’s notice.

“We send out two weekly emails to over 500,000 contacts, so it’s great that we can now make beautiful emails quickly and make any last-minute changes we want” Anna says.

City Gross now have all the membership data stored in Voyado. Here they can see exactly who their customers are, their receipts, preferred store and so much more. With the customer data organized, the City Gross team can now set up segments to further personalize their communication, something which is very important when you have over one million members. The segments are used to create groups of contacts which have the same characteristics and attributes, making it possible to execute a strategy based on buying behavior, demographic data or engagement levels. In Voyado, City Gross are able to easily identify and create segments based on all the data they have stored on their customers.

The drag and drop design editor then makes it possible to add personalized content for each segment that’s been set up. That could be anything from latest promotions on items they’ve previously purchased to recommended meal kits with recipes and inspiration.

Following up on the results from each campaign is now easier than ever before. In Voyado, the team can easily go in and see how the communication has performed, how it’s impacted the conversion, store traffic etc., which they can track and measure over time.

The result

After implementing Voyado, there is no longer a need to send designs to an external agency which has saved City Gross a lot of time and money. They now have full ownership of the process. The CRM and design team can work together and set up campaigns with a moment’s notice and make as many last-minute changes as they like. It’s also possible to tests their content and subject lines which has led to a significant increase in open and click rates. The cost to send out emails is so low that the ROI has increased significantly after implementing Voyado.

SMS messages are now sent out from over 40 different local stores. This has been especially positive when there are local promotions going in different stores, or when there are changes in operations or open hours.

“During the coronavirus pandemic, it was important to send out communication about how we are doing our part to protect our customers, how our hours or supplies are impacted, how we can deliver purchased items directly to the car or home and more” Anna says. “Our campaigns look so nice now that many of our providers are requesting and even queuing to be featured in our emails. This never happened before and it’s a true testament to how successful our email campaigns have gotten!”

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