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We know the perks of our platform — but of course, we want you to be as familiar with them. That’s why we let our customers share their Voyado journey and the success that comes with it.

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Marketing automation

How Polarn O. Pyret strengthen their customer loyalty and sustainability work with automations

For Polarn O. Pyret, marketing automation is first and foremost about enhancing the customer experience! They want the automated communication to engage, inspire, and bring value to the customer – but at the same time drive sales and more purchases. Besides post-purchase journeys and automations that encourage customers to reach another membership level, PO.P has set up several automations as part of their sustainability work.

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Dutch fashion retailer creates a better omni channel experience

When Centric recommended the switch to Voyado, The Sting team decided to go for it. “Everything lined up, it was the perfect timing. We knew we need to create a better omni channel experience and Voyado was able to fulfil that need. We immediately got a good feeling with both the team of Voyado and the demo of the solution. Their platform had everything we wanted – and more”

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Campaign, CDP, Customer Loyalty, Email marketing, Marketing automation

Taking a leap into the future

Home decor and kitchenware giant Cervera shares their CRM journey, from unorganized data and slow processes to increased sales and email engagement. Hear Marketing Director Erika Dalle and Head of Development Andrew Golrang tell us about their incredible results!

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CDP, Customer Loyalty

Scaling up customer retention

When it was time to work in a more personal way with their customers, Bubbleroom’s team knew they needed to implement a new CDXP platform. The choice landed on Voyado because of its user-friendliness, anyone in their organization could go in and learn it in a matter of hours.

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Expanding into new markets

Before Voyado, Soft Goat had a complex CRM system where even the simplest tasks were very time consuming. “[…]We knew we needed a new platform that could serve all our marketing needs while also being user friendly.”

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