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Campaign, CDP, Customer Loyalty, Email marketing, Marketing automation

Watch now: Cervera’s success story with Voyado

Home decor and kitchenware giant Cervera shares their CRM journey, from unorganized data and slow processes to increased sales and email engagement. Hear Marketing Director Erika Dalle and Head of Development Andrew Golrang tell us about their incredible results!

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CDP, Customer Loyalty

Scaling up customer retention

When it was time to work in a more personal way with their customers, Bubbleroom’s team knew they needed to implement a new CDXP platform. The choice landed on Voyado because of its user-friendliness, anyone in their organization could go in and learn it in a matter of hours.

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Campaign, CDP, Customer Loyalty, Marketing automation

Kjell & Company

Watch this video to hear all about Kjell&Co’s journey with Voyado and how they adapted to the Corona virus pandemic by acting quickly. Using marketing automation helped them save both time and resources in a crucial time for any retailer.

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Campaign, CDP, Customer Loyalty, Email marketing, Marketing automation


Cykloteket is one of the largest retail chains in Sweden for cyclist. When it was time to choose a new CRM system to optimize their marketing, Voyado stood out after an extensive review of the major platforms out there.

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