Retail analytics

Why do you need retail analytics?

The reason you need retail analytics is simple, the name says it all. It gives you insights about your customers, their behaviors, your products, communication, and revenue in total – across all channels. Yada yada, right? You know that. The thing on your mind is – how do you make retail analytics fun? Well, try to see it as a way for you, and all departments, to optimize the entire organization to increase sales. And there you have it – money growth is always fun!

Put simply, retail analytics is there for you to analyze what works and what needs improvement. And what it all comes down to – is better decisions in marketing, sales, and your operation as a whole. So if someone says analytics and reports are boring, just tell them: retail analytics is what will show you the money!

Learn your customer’s behavior through retail analytics

With the right retail analytics, you will be given in-depth details about consumer behaviors. And if you ask us, that just might be the most important part! Knowing your customers on a personal level is the key factor if you want to turn them into loyal customers.

When learning about consumer behavior, you’ll learn things like:

  • Buying patterns and what triggers them
  • Cross channel interactions with your brand and the effects of it
  • The customer’s interests and preferences
  • Which communication works and what channel

These insights will help you optimize in-store and online operations.

Retailer, test yourself: How much do you know about your customers?

Retail data analytics in Voyado

Voyado is one platform with the power of six. This means the analytics part is just one of our superpowers! They are all tied together, each one providing an important function that contributes to the greater cause. Which is to get loyal customers – that automatically will lead to increased revenue.

See all the features in Voyado


The feature called Insights in Voyado provides you with reports that cover all the retail data analytics you need. We have plenty of standard reports that give you all the goodies! You can trust that these reports are 100 percent accurate since our platform is built and specialized for retail. And we reach over 75 million end customers in total.

The reports in Voyado are categorized and in all of them, you have subcategories. And all reports can be filtered, in for example articles and prices. All the reports are run once every 24 hours – always during the night. The reports in our solution are filtered into categories:

1. Rewards

2. Contacts – follow your members and their purchases

3. KPIs – this group of reports calculates the most common key figures that you should follow

4. Messages – analyze your email campaigns

5. Purchases – follow all purchases during the time frame of your choice

6. Recruitments – How’s your recruiting game

7. Tests – Find the results of your testing 

The results you find gives you the ability to create a seamless customer experience. And you know, happy customers tend to come back for more. See? More money coming in. 

8. A welcoming dashboard filled with KPI’s

When you log into Voyado, you’ll see a dashboard. Pick and choose which KPIs you want to track and pin them to your dashboard. This gives you an immediate overview of your most important retail data analytics.

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9. BI export

For the analysts in your team, who might be looking to dig even deeper, you can do a BI export of all the data. Voyado offers flexible transparency, meaning that it’s always easy to export and import data into the platform. You can export data and analyze it outside of Voyado – then easily import it again.

We believe customer data should be used as much as possible. You can never get too many insights!

From retail analytics comes personalized communication 

You might think personalization means placing the customer’s first name in an email. Think again. Customers today are extremely picky and won’t accept anything that isn’t personalized enough. The customer experience needs to be seamless and they will choose the brand that treats them best and gives them the most relevant communication.

This is obviously where retail analytics comes in. By knowing your customer, and using the right tool – you will be able to hyper personalize the communication. But not just that, you’ll be able to make the entire customer journey as smooth as possible.

Are you intrigued by our retail analytics?

You should be! Insights are a hot commodity these days, and in Voyado, you can get a lot! If you want to see the reports and get a feel for it, set up a demo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that we get quite often when it comes to retail analytics.

What is included in retail analytics?

Retail analytics is all the insights that are related to sales, products, customers, and other important parts of the business. What it all comes down to is making better decisions moving forward.

How do I use retail analytics?

First of all, you need the right tool to analyze the numbers. In Voyado, you have 100 standard reports filled with important retail KPI's.

Use the insights to map the customer journey, learn what your customer wants, and create segmentation for personalized communication. Just so mention a few.

What are the benefits of retail analytics?

You will be able to act upon facts and quit the guessing game you've been doing. It will make your communication relevant and sharp!

Plus, you'll see changes in consumer behavior as it happens. And not when it's too late, as the customers are out the door.

Why is retail data analytics important for loyalty and retention?  

Without data and analytics to show you how you are doing then you will never know what works. To increase loyalty and retention, you need to know what works so you can keep doing that and eliminate other things.

What kind of data and insights is possible to export from Voyado's retail analytics?

All the data that is in Voyado's reports can be exported. To process and perform deeper analysis, you can export customized data to Excel via the Voyado export module.

How often are the reports updated?

All reports are run once every 24 hours, at night.

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