B2C Marketing Automation – How and why?

B2C marketing automation explained

Have you ever thought about marketing automation for B2C as being too complex? Not effective? Boy, are you in for a treat! When you use the right platform and set up smart, personalized automations – you’ll get results you didn’t think were possible. Without having to lift a finger.

Marketing automation for B2C businesses is highly underestimated. It’s the perfect tool for retailers who are looking to personalize their customer journeys – without having to spend countless hours on it. You can literally compare it to hiring your first robot colleague! And whether you call it Speedy Gonzales or Roberta, it will work 24/7 without breaks – for your customers to get the best possible experience from your brand.

B2C marketing automation is extremely powerful when working with the entire customer life cycle – onboarding, engagement, retention, and re-activation. It’s all data-driven one-to-one communication, and the automations you create are triggered by a specific action. And the best part? You set all the rules.

Why work with marketing automation in B2C?

Not only will marketing automation work to increase customer engagement and spend – it will also give you tons of analytics to get your hand on. You’ll learn more about individual customer profiles to detect behaviors and create more relevant content. All that behavioral data can also be used to make better business decisions.

Then there are the obvious reasons:

And the (maybe) not so obvious reason:

Marketing automation for retail- and ecom businesses in Voyado

Voyado is an intuitive and powerful customer loyalty platform – with six features under the same hood. And yes, you guessed it! One of these six features is marketing automation. And now you think “ok, most loyalty platforms have that feature too, what marketing automation in Voyado so special”?

The answer is simple. Yes, simple is the actual answer. It’s ridiculously easy to set up automations in Voyado – and that is not just something we’re saying to make you want to use Voyado. Ask any of our customers, and please – compare it to other loyalty platforms out there and you’ll see for yourself.

Working with automation in Voyado truly is turning something complex – into something easy.

9 examples of marketing automation in B2C

There are so many ways to use marketing automation, but we had to make a selection so you wouldn’t be stuck reading this all day long. Here are 9 examples of B2C marketing automation workflows to use.

1. Onboarding

This is the one you should start with if you’re new to marketing automation b2c. Set up criteria for new members to enter this workflow, and welcome them to your loyalty program and give them an offer to activate them as soon as possible.

2. Birthday communication

Who doesn’t love a birthday wish? Surprise your customers by triggering automation that sends a text or email on their birthday! And add a special offer or discount on their special day. You decide at what time.




3. Follow up after purchase

This is a really fun automation, and you can create tons of them to personalize on a high level. Set criteria to send communication to customers who bought, for example, a pair of jeans 3 hours ago. Send them some inspirational products to style the jeans with, and a “how to take care of your new jeans” guide.

4. Abandoned cart

Emails that remind customers of an abandoned cart have an open rate of 50 percent, and at least 10 percent of those customers return to complete the purchase.  That’s why you should work with this kind of automation!

Psst: When you send abandoned cart emails X hours after the cart was abandoned, Voyado can perform a check to see if the customer already bought one of the items in the meantime. In these cases, Voyado will remove that item from the email. 

5. Assign offers

You can set a specific criterion that triggers an offer to kick in automatically. As soon as a customer reached that criteria – they get the offer, and you can also send an email or text that lets them know about their brand new reward!

6. Transactional communication

Just let Speedy or Roberta do this work! When you do, you’ll get the same look and feel through all of your communication. This will strengthen your brand, increase design possibilities, and save you a lot of time!




7. Upsell campaigns

Let automation flows act as a personal shopper for your customers. After certain purchases, you can trigger an automation that gives the customer product recommendations

Read more: How product recommendations work in Voyado

8. “How to” campaigns

If you sell products that need some extra attention to last as long as possible – create short how-to guides that you can send to customers an hour or so after a purchase. For example, send tips on how to take care of the new Gore-Tex jacket a customer just bought.

9. Re-engagement communication

A great way to work with re-engagement via automation is to use churn scoring as a trigger. As soon as a customer reached a level where they need some extra love – they enter a marketing automation flow with a nice offer or some new inspiration.

Key functionalities for B2C businesses in Voyado

Voyado is built and tailored for e-commerce and retail businesses. That means that we only work with customers who create B2C marketing automation. And this is a huge benefit for our users because everything in the marketing automation feature is fit to suit B2C companies! But that’s not all. Working with marketing automation in Voyado is very intuitive. Use pre-set triggers, drag and drop customer journeys, and get a clear overview of what you are building – every step of the way.

See what Voyado’s marketing automation is all about

We’re just guessing now but if you’ve managed to read this far, you’re kind of curious to see the tool in Voyado, huh? You can either book a demo, or sign up for an upcoming product webinar and just listen in ­– and see all the features work together!



Frequently asked questions

Our most common questions about B2C marketing automation.

Why is marketing automation important for growing a B2C business?

The simple answer is because it will help you build personalized customer journeys that work for you 24/7. All you have to do is set up the workflows and they will help you build strong relationships with your customers! It will save you time, money, and manual work.

How can marketing automation enhance B2C loyalty?

Since you can create a customer journey from scratch and choose your own triggers, you are able to personalize the workflows entirely. And we all know that personalized and relevant content is key when you want to enhance customer loyalty.

How customizable are automation triggers and workflows in the interface?

We have a set of triggers that are commonly used for B2C, but you also have the ability to build your own triggers in the interface. The workflows have plenty of different options, where you can work with things like time delays, communication in different channels, add an offer to the workflow, target ads on Facebook and Instagram to customers in the workflow etcetera.

Does Voyado fit all B2C companies?

Voyado is built for retail and e-com business and the majority of our customer base is within the areas of fashion, active wear, DIY, cosmetics, pharma, and furniture.

How do I prevent marketing automation from being too repetitive for customers?

You set up rules for your workflows. You can for example set what we call labels on all customers who enter a certain workflow that excludes them from entering another workflow. You can also decide that a certain workflow can only be enrolled by customers once, so they don't get the same content more than once.

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