Retail Marketing Automation Platform

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is exactly what it sounds like – a way to automate your marketing.

Using a marketing automation platform is like adding an extra team member to your marketing department. And that team member is one hell of a Speedy Gonzales – sending thousands of emails and texts to multiple customers at the same time.

There’s more: Speedy sends the communication with the exact right timing! And when is that? Well, you decide. Automation is created to be triggered by whatever you want, whenever you want. The sky is the limit, as they say.

How to use a marketing automation platform in retail and e-com

There are thousands of ways to use a marketing automation platform in e-commerce and retail. The most important thing is that you create an automation that is relevant for the receiver, based on their previous actions. And when you use Voyado, marketing automation is just one of our six functions! They are all tied together – making it easy for you to collect, store, and act upon your customer data to reach customer loyalty and increase revenue. And marketing automation is the definition of acting on your data.

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Put Speedy to the test

There are no limits to what you can get Speedy Gonzales to do through automation in Voyado.

And much much more!

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Psst! Speaking of abandoned cart

Around 75% of people leave products in an abandoned cart instead of checking out. But instead of seeing them as lost customers, take advantage of the fact that you now know exactly what the customer is interested in! Send a friendly reminder that they left something in their cart through automation. These emails have an open rate of 50 percent, and at least 10 percent of those customers will go back and complete the purchase.

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Simple or advanced. Or both.

You can create simple automation that is triggered when a new member has signed up. The automation then starts with an onboarding email. Then the next step is to set up a conditional split, meaning two different options: “did the customer open my email – yes or no”. Depending on what the customer did, you schedule different options – and you set the time frame. You can also set up super-advanced automation, based on how specific customers behave on individual products.

If you’ve never worked with automation before, you might want to start off with something simple. Once you learn how easy they are to set up (and the time you will save, omg) you can make them more and more advanced. You can also easily add to your automation over time.

Marketing Automation helps us quickly and easily make the customer journey a long-lasting, sustainable and more personal meeting.

– Richard Hunyadi, Nudie Jeans

How is marketing automation beneficial for you?

Your customers are exposed to a massive load of brand messages every day and most of them will pass by unnoticed. There’s a marketing battle going on and you really need to stand out and be relevant to win your customer’s attention!

By understanding and combining customer data – such as demographics, transactions, or browsing history – you will have the best chance of getting (and keeping!), a customer’s attention. Thanks to data you can provide them with the product recommendations, services, and information that fits with their profiles.

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Personalized communication – automatically

Through a marketing automation platform, you can create a one-on-one dialogue by taking advantage of data, and interact with a personal touch! React to customer actions in real-time, and reward them with vouchers, discounts, points, or useful information exactly when they are required.

The marketing automation platform in Voyado

Voyado is one platform, with the power of six different ones, in the cloud. That makes the marketing automation platform we provide, just one of our superpowers.

We know it’s hard to get the hang of marketing automation, so we decided to make it as easy as possible. The automation is created through a drag and drop function. You will also find a lot of pre-set automation triggers to get your inspiration cooking!

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Automation streamlines our work and the communication without members and provides a greater value from our invested time.

Amir Mofidi, Lagerhaus

Included in our marketing automation tool

Randomized splits: 

Test your copy and design to see what gets the highest click rates. Scenarios you can test are for example:

Conditional splits: 

Set criteria and route contacts in two separate directions, based on if the contact has met the criteria. For example:

Assign different promotions: 

You can add many different promotions in your automation, such as:


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Do you like what you've read?

The opportunities are endless in Voyado and marketing automation is just one of the features you can get your hands on. Voyado holds the opportunity for you to collect, store, and act on all your customer data, track and analyze KPIs, set up hyper-personalized emails in your design editor and so much more. Interested in seeing the marketing automation platform in Voyado? Set up a demo today!  And don’t forget to check out our solution for SMS marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions we get about our retail marketing automation platform.

How long does it take to build an automation?

It might be a "boring" answer, but it depends on how advanced you want the automation to be. It can take you 10 minutes or multiple hours. When you plan automation, we always recommend you draw it on a piece of paper first. When you're done, you can create the automation way faster than if you decide as you go!

How do I measure the results from my marketing automation?

First, you will find a report in Voyado where you can see how many purchases that come from automation. Second, you can follow the open rate and click rate of your automation in real time.

How does retail marketing automation increase revenue?

All of the automations you build are based on triggers. This means that you will be able to communicate with customers in a relevant way, without having to lift a finger. Marketing automation works for you, all hours of the day. You are able to set up hyper-personalized automation that your customers will appreciate. And that is extremely valuable for you – since it will turn your customers into ambassadors. Loyal customers = increased revenue.

How much time can marketing automation save?

There's no answer to this question that will be the same for everyone. But let's put it like this – the more marketing automation flows you set up, the more time you will save. So it will take some time to set up, but the time you will save by not having to do all those send-outs manually will be A LOT. And you can basically set up automated communication for every stage of the customer journey, so you do the math for yourself.

How is Voyado different from other marketing automation softwares?

When we ask our customers why Voyado's marketing automation feature is better than others, they all answer the same thing: it's so easy to set up! You will see the whole view of the workflow you build and you can edit all the content in the same view. Once the workflow is live you can also see statistics in the very same view.

Does marketing automation work for both online and in-store sales?

Yes, Voyado can be connected to your POS system so the data you collect from your customers in-store can trigger automation.

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