Customer Loyalty Platform

Benefits of a customer loyalty platform

It’s no secret that it’s way more cost-effective to keep existing customers than to attract and acquire new customers over and over. In fact, acquiring a new customer is five times more expensive than retaining an existing one.

  • Cost-effective
  • Improve customer relations
  • Increase upselling and cross-selling
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What is a customer loyalty platform?

A customer loyalty platform is where you handle everything that has to do with your loyalty program.

  • Create customized rewards
  • Gamification campaigns
  • Set up recruitment processes
  • Take care of your customers the way they deserve

To describe customer loyalty in measurable terms, it’s when a person keeps coming back to buy from you, with high frequency and high average receipts. A loyal customer also wants to share your brand with others and spread the word! But if you think all this happens just by providing good products – you’re wrong. There’s a line of criteria that needs to be met for your customers to become loyal and stay loyal.

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The customer loyalty platform in Voyado

Voyado is one platform with the power of six. This means the loyalty feature is just one of our superpowers!

These are some examples of what you can do:


Letting customers collect points that convert into rewards is an easy and effective way to earn loyalty.

Membership levels

Whether you call your levels rising star or legend or create different avatars for different types of memberships – the members are treated differently. Take care of all of it in Voyado, by for example:

Gamification in your customer loyalty platform

Gamification is everywhere these days. Why? Because it’s fun!
Here is some gamification you can create through Voyado:

Customer loyalty platform for e-commerce

Online shopping needs to be a seamless experience for your members, or you’ll lose them! With Voyado’s solution, you have a lot of features that will help you achieve this.

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Analyze your customer loyalty with Voyado

Honestly, we could go on and on about customer loyalty and our platform. But we understand you can’t hang out here all day. There’s still one last question to be answered though – can you analyze customer loyalty? Rest assured, yes you can.

In Voyado you can see for example:

  • Number of contacts and the amount of communicable data
  • Average purchase, average receipt, frequency of visits, and frequency of purchases
  • Channel engagement – who shops in-store, online, or in both?
  • Opening rates, clicks, response, and additional sales
  • Customer lifetime value

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Are you loving this loyalty feature?

Understandable! But you know what? You will be even more wowed when you see our platform and how everything works together, so just do it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our most common questions when it comes to customer loyalty.

What is a customer loyalty platform?

The simple answer is that a customer loyalty platform is where you handle all the things that have to do with your loyalty program. For example rewards, gamification campaigns, and vouchers. In Voyado, this part is just one of our features, that all work together for you to create customer loyalty.

How is Voyado different from other loyalty platforms?

Voyado is tailored for retail and has seven features that work together, all in order for you to reach customer loyalty. You get everything from a complete CDP that stores large amounts of data on your customers to create personalized emails, SMS, or postal campaigns and analyze the results.

Why do I need a customer loyalty platform?

Because you will lose tons of sales opportunities if you don't actively work on reaching and keeping loyal customers. With Voyado, you'll get an all-in-one platform that will help you structure your work when it comes to customer loyalty and increased sales.

Can Voyado's platform provide information about my most or least loyal customers?

Yes, for example through our churn scoring feature, you will be able to see a churn score for every customer in Voyado. This will give you a great overview of who your most loyal customers are and who you need to show some more love to.

How big of an impact can a loyalty program have in increasing sales?

Huge! A loyalty program can give you the ability to give your customers the best experience possible by offering tailored perks. Work with different membership levels that are very attractive to customers, so they make more purchases just to reach a new level. A loyalty program also allows you to get more data on your customers, which makes you get to know them better. This is the foundation you need to personalize, and we all know that personalized experiences lead to more sales!

Why are customer loyalty programs so effective for e-commerce?

In a world where you as an e-com player compete with tons of similar businesses, a loyalty program can help you stand out! Provide good and attractive enough perks to make your customers choose you over and over again.

Discover how you can boost your business!

The Voyado customer experience cloud includes all the features you need to create personalized one-to-one communication with your end-customers.

  • Easy to use
  • Data insights from your customers behaviour
  • AI-powered features to grow your business
  • Create customer journeys with marketing automation

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