Customer Loyalty Platform for Retail

What does customer loyalty mean for retailers?

Customer loyalty is our favorite word and topic! Because we have created an entire customer loyalty platform that is built to make brands easy to love. But what is customer loyalty and what does it mean for retailers? Let’s get into it.

To describe customer loyalty in measurable terms, it’s when a person keeps coming back to buy from you, with high frequency and high average receipts. A loyal customer also wants to share your brand with others and spread the word! But if you think all this happens just by providing good products – you’re wrong. There’s a line of criteria that needs to be met for your customers to become loyal and stay loyal. For example:

  • Seamless experience from the first touchpoint and bringing the product home – to getting advice on how to take care of it, and continue to get relevant product recommendations for future purchases.
  • Personalized communication in all channels.
  • A relevant membership program that the customer values and sees as beneficial.

Bottom line – the customer needs to feel unique, valued, seen, and appreciated to become loyal. This will lead to more purchases and increased revenue.

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Now, what is a customer loyalty platform?

A customer loyalty platform is where you make all the stuff from the previous paragraph happen! It’s where you handle everything that has to do with your loyalty program. Create customized rewards, gamification campaigns, set up recruitment processes, and take care of your customers the way they deserve.

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What are the benefits?

It’s no secret that it’s way more cost-effective to keep existing customers than to attract and acquire new customers over and over. In fact, acquiring a new customer is five times more expensive than retaining an existing one. That is seriously worth taking into consideration and it’s why loyalty is such an important factor for your brand. Investing in a customer loyalty platform that makes working towards customer loyalty fun – is therefore a no-brainer.

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The customer loyalty
platform in Voyado

Voyado is one platform with the power of six. This means the loyalty feature is just one of our superpowers! But customer loyalty is what it all boils down to, so our loyalty solution is a pretty big deal. These are some examples of what you can do:


Letting customers collect points that convert into rewards is an easy and effective way to earn loyalty. It creates a win-win scenario – customers earn rewards by shopping from you, and you sell more! What the rewards are and when the criteria for them are met, is up to you! Sky’s the limit, but make sure the rewards are something that your customers appreciate and want more of, to keep shopping. One common reward that many retailers use is vouchers, and they are super simple to create.

Membership levels

Whether you call your levels rising star or legend or create different avatars for different types of memberships – the members are treated differently. Take care of all of it in Voyado, by for example:

Gamification in your customer loyalty platform

Gamification is everywhere these days. Why? Because it’s fun! Especially in retail, where gamification increases the customer experience, enhances connections with the customer, and builds your brand. It lets your customers know that you are creative and that you dare to go beyond the basics! Here is some gamification you can create through Voyado:

Voyado’s customer loyalty platform for e-commerce

Online shopping needs to be a seamless experience for your members, or you’ll lose them! With Voyado’s solution, you have a lot of features that will help you achieve this.



Membership recruitment through our customer loyalty platform

When a customer wants to become a member, the first impression is crucial! The registration needs to be as smooth as possible, and they have to feel welcomed from the second they sign up. Set up registration forms in Voyado and simplify your online recruitment.

My pages

Create a “my page” that reflects the information you have on each customer. This way, the customer can easily update contact information for example, and opt into communication. Make it playful and fun through gamification including personal offers, reward points, vouchers, achievements, and member levels. Adding a “my page” is pretty much a substitute for the staff in-store, as it makes the digital meeting between your brand and the customer more personal!

Soft ID

Enable auto-identification through your emails with a soft ID! It keeps your contact identified when they click a link, which means they will be logged in to your site, access “my pages” and get a personal experience – a different view than all the other visitors on your site.

Personal offers

This is pretty cool. You can create and assign personal offers to each customer and present them in your E-com. And yes, you can decide if the offer should be available online or in-store. Or both.

Content population from PIM or E-com

You can automatically populate pictures, names, descriptions, and prices from your E-com platform or PIM in the emails you send through Voyado. It’s possible through a connection to your product feed. The content you populate will automatically be updated if, say, the price changes on one of your items. This is game-changing, especially if you’re working with email campaigns to different markets with different prices. Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Time-saver!

Tracking script 

By using Voyado’s tracking script you’ll learn how your customers act on your website. Use it to trigger automation through specific behaviors. Pretty cool! But hey, there’s more: you can also log products of interest and create segments based on this online data.

Transactional communication 

Create confirmation emails, shipping information, password emails, and newsletters – all in the same design. These emails are the ones with the highest opening rate, so use them to sell more! Do we need to say more?

Personalized web

Who doesn’t want a personalized E-com site, right? Give every member a unique experience on your website. With Voyado, you can use your customer insights to promote recommended products and work with achievements and reward points to make your site personal and fun!

Abandoned cart

Keep track of your customer’s abandoned carts and trigger personalized communication based on it. Did you know that those emails have an open rate of 50 percent, and at least 10 percent of those customers will go back and complete the purchase? Now you do.

Analyze your customer loyalty with Voyado

Honestly, we could go on and on about customer loyalty and our platform. But we understand you can’t hang out here all day. There’s still one last question to be answered though – can you analyze customer loyalty? Rest assured, yes you can.

See numbers on for example:

  • Number of contacts and the amount of communicable data
  • Average purchase, average receipt, frequency of visits, and frequency of purchases
  • Channel engagement – who shops in-store, online, or in both?
  • Opening rates, clicks, response, and additional sales
  • Customer lifetime value

Are you loving this loyalty feature?

Understandable! But you know what? You will be even more wowed when you see our platform and how everything works together, so just do it – set up a demo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our most common questions when it comes to customer loyalty.

What is a customer loyalty platform?

The simple answer is that a customer loyalty platform is where you handle all the things that have to do with your loyalty program. For example rewards, gamification campaigns, and vouchers. In Voyado, this part is just one of our features, that all work together for you to create customer loyalty.

How is Voyado different from other loyalty platforms?

Voyado is tailored for retail and has seven features that work together, all in order for you to reach customer loyalty. You get everything from a complete CDP that stores large amounts of data on your customers to create personalized emails, SMS, or postal campaigns and analyze the results.

Why do I need a customer loyalty platform?

Because you will lose tons of sales opportunities if you don't actively work on reaching and keeping loyal customers. With Voyado, you'll get an all-in-one platform that will help you structure your work when it comes to customer loyalty and increased sales.

Can Voyado's platform provide information about my most or least loyal customers?

Yes, for example through our churn scoring feature, you will be able to see a churn score for every customer in Voyado. This will give you a great overview of who your most loyal customers are and who you need to show some more love to.

How big of an impact can a loyalty program have in increasing sales?

Huge! A loyalty program can give you the ability to give your customers the best experience possible by offering tailored perks. Work with different membership levels that are very attractive to customers, so they make more purchases just to reach a new level. A loyalty program also allows you to get more data on your customers, which makes you get to know them better. This is the foundation you need to personalize, and we all know that personalized experiences lead to more sales!

Why are customer loyalty programs so effective for e-commerce?

In a world where you as an e-com player compete with tons of similar businesses, a loyalty program can help you stand out! Provide good and attractive enough perks to make your customers choose you over and over again.

Why book a demo of Voyado?

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