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increase in purchases (member vs. non-member)


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The challenge

Polarn O. Pyret (PO.P) have always strived to give their customers the best experience possible while shopping with them. But they needed to find a way to understand and create relevant benefits and communication for a new generation of parents with different customer expectations. To better the customer experience, PO.P wanted to share their expertise knowledge on children’s clothing in a more relevant way.

Keeping customers loyal is key for any retailer. PO.P already had a successful membership club, but needed a way to differentiate between member levels and a platform where they had all the data  organized and manageable. They also wanted to automatically send out messages for upgrades, offers for birthdays or for reaching VIP levels, triggering vouchers that could drive traffic into the store or online and hopefully lead to making an additional purchase. A CRM system was needed where member’s accumulated points could be easily tracked, turned into vouchers, communicated and redeemed.

A user-friendly system, which helps us to create a good, efficient and relevant dialogue with our members. With Voyado we can also quickly and easily follow up and measure our efforts of automated processes and customer offers.

Åsa Axelsson, CRM Manager at Polarn O. Pyret

The solution

Better customer experience

In Voyado, Polarn O. Pyret are now able to make their communication more relevant for each segment. Thanks to the segmentation and labelling tools, they can send out messages to parents targeted for the child’s age, with recommendations on what the child will need as they grow, which is perfect for new parents. This builds trust and eases the purchase decision and this, in turn, leads to more loyal customers.

Voyado’s automation tool is very important for Polarn o Pyret as well. Communication can for example be sent out for customers’ children’s birthdays, when they reach a higher membership level and welcome emails with offers. All of these have in turn increased sales and most customers who come in to claim a welcome- or birthday gift will make another purchase.

Increased loyalty

In Voyado, it’s easier than ever before to manage membership levels. Customers will receive communication, online and in-store about how close they are to reaching the higher ”VIP” level, and are therefore likely to make additional purchases to get there. The automation tool triggers a congratulatory email when customers reach the new level offering a gift. Members who have received their gifts have increased their purchase frequency by 45%.

Customer insights

Polarn O. Pyret now has all of their customer data in one, easy-to-use platform. Anyone with access to go in and see statistics on anything from how an item is selling to which newsletter clicks that lead to the most purchases. The results are analyzed and lead to a greater knowledge on their customers which ultimately leads to an increased customer experience.

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The result

The Voyado system contains all of Polarn O. Pyret’s member data and the tools required to process different customer segments in a relevant way. Among other things, a VIP level was developed and launched in 2017 to be able to engage and reward the best members.

The membership levels, upgrading and downgrading is all controlled in Voyado. Around 15% of members are now VIP members and they account for 50% of member purchases.

Customers are becoming more omni-channel and thereby more profitable. Personalized communication to members promotes and develops the customer’s buying behavior in both channels.


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