Customer Case

The next chapter

average reciept increase (member vs. non-member)


members in three years

2 million

The challenge

Akademibokhandeln had used the same CRM interface for years, but it wasn’t user friendly. Every change came at a cost and long waiting times. They wanted anyone with access to be able to go in and make a change to a contact, send an email or set up an automation.

With a recognized and growing customer club, a platform that was as forward thinking and adaptable as they are, was needed. They also wanted the ability to communicate more with their customers at the same time and with the same resources as their current set-up.

For example by emails and SMS, marketing automations, and AI solutions. Akademibokhandeln wanted a system that was constantly improving and needed quick support from a company that wants the customer to work efficiently, without having to wait days or weeks for answers and updates.

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The Voyado platform’s interface is fantastic and easily used by anyone in the organization!

Sophia Segerlund, CRM Manager at Akademibokhandeln

The solution

New interface

Voyado’s user-friendly interface makes it possible for anyone in the organization to go in and use it. Improvements and updates can be made easily, either in-house or quickly by the Voyado team, without having to hire a consultant which takes time and can get very expensive.

Future proof solution

Voyado’s forward-thinking matches Akademibokhandeln’s, with new ideas constantly being researched and implemented. Whether it’s AI solutions or new little tweaks and features, Voyado is always one step ahead. In addition, Voyado’s easy-to-use marketing automation tool has also been set-up to continuously manage personalized customer journeys without the marketing team having to lift a finger.

Support and Customer Success

Whether it’s a simple question or installation of a new feature, with Voyado you never have to wait long for the support you need. The customer success team are always on hand to guide you to achieve optimal  results every step of the way.

Akademibokhandeln’s Voyado journey has only just begun, but already there have been immense improvements on the efficiency of their CRM workflow. The Voyado platform is much more user friendly than what they were used to, which enables world-class analysis and personalized communication with the same resources in the team. Akademibokhandeln have found a partner that can match their ambitious expansion goals and are excited to see what the future with Voyado will mean for their business.

Akademibokhandeln can
now use Voyado to:

  • Work cross-functionally with the entire company.
  • Produce more marketing communication without more resources.
  • Get support right away with questions or updates.


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The Voyado customer experience cloud includes all the features you need to create personalized one-to-one communication with your end-customers.

  • Easy to use
  • Data insights from your customers behaviour
  • AI-powered features to grow your business
  • Create customer journeys with marketing automation

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