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revenue growth this year alone


increase in members who shop


conversion increase


The need for personalized communication

Didriksons used to have an email campaign management tool they felt was very limited. Some of the parts they were missing, were ways to understand their customer data better and segment audiences to create personalized campaigns. They wanted to create loyalty, but it was difficult when they didn’t even know who their loyal customers were!

“With the growth of Didriksons e-commerce, one thing we knew, was that we needed to communicate with our customers in a personal way. If we didn’t, we would risk losing them,” says Daniella Johansson, the E-commerce Manager at Didriksons.

The implementation was really fast, it only took a few weeks! The platform was also very easy to understand and start working in.

Daniella Johansson, E-commerce Manager at Didriksons

Why Didriksons chose Voyado

In addition to the segmentation and possibilities to create loyalty, Didriksons decided on Voyado because of all the opportunities they saw ahead. Daniella explains what they mean by that:

“Voyado is on an exciting journey, constantly coming up with new features and add-ons. It feels like they have a bright future ahead and we’re happy to be a part of it”.

“Everything is easier now”

The simplicity of Voyado also really appealed to Didriksons and Daniella:

“The implementation was really fast, it only took a few weeks! The platform was also very easy to understand and start working in.”

With a full overview of their customers, Daniella and the team can work with the customer journey on a much deeper level and understand which customers make what purchases. They are also able to spot trends and appeal to new customers.

“We can also segment our profitable customers in Voyado, then set up “lookalike” audiences in Facebook, to target our marketing towards!”

Didriksons has started taking advantage of the many time-saving marketing automation options in Voyado. For example, they have automation for onboarding emails to new customers, transactional emails, and delivery status—which all convert extremely well.

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It’s going really well for us! With everything we do at Didriksons now, and with Voyado as our support, we just continue to see our numbers going up—it’s really exciting!

Daniella Johansson, E-commerce Manager at Didriksons

Incredible results

Daniella is very excited about the results they have seen this year.

“We are experiencing a huge success. We are doing everything right at the moment, and with Voyado as support we just continue to see our numbers growing—it’s really exciting!”

Since working with Voyado, Didriksons have seen:

  • Quadrupled revenue growth the first year

  • 825% increase in members who shop

  • 57% conversion increase


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