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Top 5 marketing automation trends in 2021

What are the biggest marketing automation trends in 2021? Well, marketing automation per se seems to be a trend since it’s pretty much what all retailers talk about. But if we are to boil it down and talk about the things that are important and successful in 2021 when it comes to b2c marketing automation – these 5 are the ones to focus on!

1. AI and predictions in marketing automation

This is an area that’s developing at a fast pace. AI and predictions really give proactivity a brand new meaning! So, incorporating predictions in your workflows is definitely one of the marketing automation trends. You can do it by using the churn scoring in Voyado for example, which gives you a number between 0.00-1.00 (where 1.00 is a churning customer). Set up an automation that is triggered for any customer who reaches say 0.75 – to activate and inspire to a new purchase.


Customers with a 0.75 churn score automatically get an email or SMS with a nice offer and the product recommendations module. You can clone the automation and set up one for females and one for males, and make necessary changes in the automation so it looks slightly different depending on the recipient.

2. Sprinkle the workflows with gamification

A great way to inspire your customers to make active choices is to create gamification campaigns that are part of your workflows. Mix up your relevant and inspirational content with fun and engaging activities for the customer to act upon! This is proven to drive retention and make customers feel more connected to your brand. And this year and moving forward, it’s all about adding that little bit of extra to the customer experience. Why should the customer choose you out of everyone? Go the extra mile because that’s what will differentiate you from the rest.


Let’s say you build an automation for customers who bought a new videogame. Start by sending the customer a text or email with some tips about the game and the characters. Follow up a few days later with a text that gives the customer the chance to get 500 free points – if they complete the first three levels of the game!

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3. Focus on the mobile experience

It probably comes as no surprise that more and more people are using their cellphone to visit websites, shop, hang out on social media etcetera. And this will only increase! That’s why you need to consider the mobile experience when you work with your marketing automation flows. Work as much as you can with SMS marketing in your automations – not only because the open rate is at the insane amount of 98 %, but also because that’s the preferred channel for many customers.


4. Integrate social media ads into marketing automation

A lot of people think marketing automation flows are only used to send emails or texts. That’s not the case in Voyado! You can add social media activities as well – that are in line with what you want the customer in the workflow to act on.


Let’s say you create a flow for customers who just bought a pair of running shoes and the goal is to make them buy running accessories. After a few points of contact through the automation where you recommend these accessories, you can add that particular customer to a list of people who are targeted with a social media ad. And that ad obviously talks about the accessories!

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5. Make marketing automation fun again!

Ok, this might not actually qualify as a trend – or does it? It should be trendy to have fun when creating workflows, that’s for sure! But what we are actually saying here, is to involve creativity and positivity in building marketing automation workflows. Because there’s this saying: “where attention goes – energy flows”. So, when you get really creative and have some fun with your automations, the customers will feel the energy you were sending out when they receive the communication.

That’s a wrap

Marketing automation literally is on everyone’s lips (and fingertips if you want). Simply because the technology is so great and it saves you a bunch of time and money. And your customers will enjoy sharp, relevant experiences that will make them love you. Look into your possibilities and good luck with nailing these marketing automation trends!

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