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How to become the go-to brand in your industry (and smash the competition!)

The go-to the brand has it all figured out and knows how to offer a seamless customer experience – which is the key to success. And even if you don’t consider yourself a go-to brand today – it’s never too late to start working towards becoming one! And this is how you do it.

Where to start?

Multiple factors will determine your success to become the go-to brand, but as we just mentioned, the customer experience is a huge part of it!  That’s what we will focus on, and these are four things you have to work on to improve the customer experience.

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Be relevant

The holy grail of retail is to stay relevant and avoid making common mistakes. Examples may include sending an email offering of a 20 % discount on all perfumes, to a woman who bought a perfume yesterday – full price. She should have been sent recommendations for body lotions that go with that particular perfume instead. And how do you keep track of these previous purchases and behaviors? You guessed it – data.

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Be available

Yes, product availability is important, but your entire brand needs to be available for the customer.

  • It needs to be easy for customers to leave reviews, and share your content on social media. 
  • Make it clear where the customer can call, chat, or email you with questions. 
  • Instructions for returns need to be clear and easily handled.
  • Let the customer know you offer free and fast shipping and let them know if you don’t! The customer needs this information before they make a purchase, to make sure they don’t get taken by surprise if they have to pay the return fee. 

And in brick and mortar stores – staff availability, be clear with your opening hours and provide directions to the store on your website. Give the customer different options, like how they can get to you by bike, Voi, or walking.  

Provide an outstanding service

Yes, we love great service! Everyone does. And if you provide an outstanding service that exceeded the customer’s expectations – they will talk to friends and family about it. Service can mean anything from handing out valuable advice or wrapping products nicely – to sending a designed confirmation email that includes a complimentary message. But the secret to loyal customers is to bring more value than they expect.  

And try asking yourself what you consider to be an outstanding service. What kind of experience would put a smile on your face?

Stay ahead to become the go-to brand

If you want to smash the competition, you need to stay one step ahead of your customers and predict what they need next. And to be able to do that you have to know them pretty well. So start analyzing your customer data. Track metrics like previous purchases, percentage of returns, favorite brands, and frequency of buying. Then you will be able to tailor messages and predict what their next purchase will be! 

To stay ahead, you also need to put in the time and effort to keep track of the latest trends. Then you will be able to predict the next big thing in retail. And don’t be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone – stand out and own your campaign!

Good luck to you, future go-to brand!


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