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Efficient traffic acquisition through bid optimization

Every brand use ads in some form to do things like increase traffic to their site, convert new customers and re-engage customers who haven’t shopped in a while. And if you are familiar with bid optimization, you know it’s a great metric to reach your goals! In this blog post, we’ll go through how you can work better with bid optimization though Facebook Customer Audiences and Google Customer Match.

What is bid optimization?

A lot of paid digital marketing lets advertisers compete about visibility to the desired audience through an auction model. That means that you nominate a bid that often matches the maximum amount of money you are willing to spend for the advertising. Then it’s up to the advertising platform to use the bid amount to determine which ads are displayed and in what order.

It is a fine line between making sure the bid price ensures high exposure and generates relevant clicks – and not allowing the cost to get too high so the clicks will be too expensive for your budget.

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How to work with bid optimization with Voyado’s Online Ads

The feature called Online Ads in Voyado covers Facebook Custom Audiences and Google Customer Match. With this feature, you can use all the data points you have on each customer in Voyado and create hyper segmented lists – that you connect to the ad platforms.

And the way this is connected to bid optimization is through the knowledge you have about your customers in Voyado. Through known data, you can adapt your bidding logic. For example, bid more on ads targeted to a segment of customers with a high average order value and bid lower on customers who have recently made a purchase from you that is similar to the product you promote in the ad campaign.


Synchronizing Voyado with Facebook and Google

The synchronization between Voyado and Facebook/Google is based on hashed email addresses and hashed phone numbers. No personal information is exposed from Voyado.

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Learn more about Online Ads and bid optimization

Working with Online Ads in Voyado means you will be able to optimize who sees your ads on all these platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Messenger
  • Google Search
  • Google Display Network
  • Youtube
  • Google Shopping

You will be able to increase sales through targeted campaigns, decrease ad spend with pre-filtering and find new customers through look-a-like audiences. Learn more about all the benefits by requesting a demo.


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