Spend optimization – decrease ad spend by using pre-filtering

In a world where ads are playing a huge role in your brand's success, the following sentence should be music to your ears. There is a way to decrease ad spend and still be even more relevant in your ads! Continue reading this blog to learn how pre-filtering will help you with spend optimization to target the right audience through Facebook Custom Audiences and Google Customer Match.


What are Facebook Custom Audiences and Google Customer Match?

Both of these features can help you and your advertising out in so many ways, not just spend optimization. With both Google Customer Match and Facebook Custom Audiences, you can create segmented lists and connect them to these advertising platforms. This will help you stay relevant in your ads and only target the ones that you know have an interest for example in the product you want to promote! You can also use Facebook Look-a-likes to find similar people to the ones in your list – and this is used to acquire new customers that have the same interests as your current customers.

Voyado named them Online Ads

The feature that we call Online Ads includes Facebook Customer Audiences and Google Customer Match. And with this feature, you can optimize your ads on all of these platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Messenger
  • Google Search
  • Google Display Network
  • Youtube
  • Google Shopping

Through Online Ads, you will be able to give your customers a seamless experience by providing the same messaging through all channels, like email, SMS, and social ads. This takes you one step closer to becoming highly relevant and personal in your communication!

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Spend optimization through pre-filtering

When you get started with Online Ads, you will create segments in Voyado. So depending on the goal you have with your advertising, you can find the most relevant group of people to target. But there is one important function here that we want to underline – the pre-filtering. It allows you to exclude contacts from the campaign you want to promote. You can exclude the ones that are not relevant for various reasons. It can be due to high churning scores, that the customer recently made a similar purchase from you or that their customer profile and interests are better suited for another campaign. When you exclude several contacts from your segmented list, you will decrease the ad spend, but still be more relevant than if you had kept the customers in the list!

Example on how to decrease ad spend

Now, let’s get into an example so you understand what this might look like for you.

Say you are launching an outdoor jacket campaign across different digital channels with a budget of 10.000 Euro. The goal of the campaign is to reach one million views in four weeks.

When you have your goals and start creating the segment for the campaign, you use pre-filtering to exclude customers who:

  • Bought an outdoor jacket in the last 6 months
  • Hasn’t bought anything from you in 24 months
  • Haven’t opened any emails in the outdoor category in 12 months

By removing these contacts, you found that it will reduce your spending by 15%! So you run the campaign which will now have a higher relevance for the ones who see it, and you save 15% on your cost, without it having any impact on actual sales.

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Synchronizing Voyado with Facebook and Google

The synchronization between Voyado and Facebook/Google is based on hashed email addresses and hashed phone numbers. No personal information is exposed from Voyado.

Start working with spend optimization ASAP

There are other great benefits with Online Ads, such as the ability to work better with bid optimization, increase sales through targeted campaigns, and improve your customer acquisition through customer audiences. Learn more about how to get started with this feature.

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