5 Black Friday mistakes to avoid

The shopping event of the year is coming closer, and it's crucial that your planning is solid and good. Let us introduce you to some of the biggest (and most common!) Black Friday faux pas—so you can easily avoid them.


1. Focusing on discounts, only

We know that people are out searching for great deals this time of year, but discounts are not the only way to go on Black Friday. And not necessarily the most profitable. Why not draw in customers with a “Buy one, get one” sale (for items your customers most probably want multiples of)? Or a “Free gift with purchase”?  It can be a small item like a tote bag. The important thing is that the customer will feel like they received more than they paid for.

2. Targeting the wrong customers

A huge thing in marketing, and especially for a great Black Friday campaign, is understanding who your customers are and targeting them with the right message. And you can’t target the right audience without segmenting them! Remember: during a shopping event like this, you usually need to widen your audience to reach the right people.

3. Forgetting about Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday, the day known for online shopping, is just as important as Black Friday (if not more). As it falls on the immediate Monday after the big Friday, you don’t want to offend your shoppers by offering better deals and discounts on this particular day. So, how to be smart about it? Either see it as one single event where sales and messaging work together. Or see it as two separate events where you focus on different types of sales and products for each event.

4. Not collecting customer data

During Black Friday, you have great opportunities to boost sales—but also collect customer data! When you collect data from your customers, not only do you grow your database for smoother marketing and retargeting purposes, but you get to know your audience and their shopping behaviors. This data is a true goldmine for businesses that want to grow and thrive. We guess that’s you.

5. Start planning too late

Planning is everything when it comes to creating the perfect Black Friday campaign. A top-notch strategy simply can’t be thrown together at the last minute. Do your research and develop a strategy that suits and serves your business! If you act well ahead, you can see how parts of your campaign are performing. And based on that, you’ll be able to adjust your content to capture more customers.

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