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Why Webhallen chose Voyado

Webhallen is a Scandinavian retailer specializing in selling games and home electronics and has been around since 1999. In 2014 they won “Retailer of the year” at the Swedish Retail Awards. Their loyalty program is known for its fun and innovative gamification where members have avatars and collect points.

As their member base grew, it was time for a new CRM platform that could solve all their loyalty needs in one place. We asked Fredrik Lindblad, CMO at Webhallen a few questions on why the decision ultimately landed onVoyado:

How did you come up with the idea of a new CRM system?

Webhallen’s loyalty program is unique, and there are few loyalty programs on the Swedish market that are based on the gamification concept like ours. Therefore, we have long worked with our own CRM system for communication, but to get scalability in the work and a more flexible solution to get full potential in personalization and segmentation of our communication, we decided on a new external CRM system.

Why did you chose Voyado?

We chose Voyado based primarily on two aspects. Partly because the solution can meet our very specific requirements based on our gamification concept, and partly because Voyado as a company wants to work with us in a partnership and not just “be platform supplier”.

What are your ambitions, what do you look forward to doing now with a new platform?

As our membership program develops, our communication will also develop, i.e.the possibility of more target group-adapted communication based on personalization and segmentation. This will contribute to a higher repurchase frequency and (perhaps primarily) more satisfied customers.

We are very happy to be involved and add another dimension to Webhallen’s loyaltyprogram, which with its playful gamification is really already at the forefront.

– Johan Nyrelli, CRM strategist at Voyado


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