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Welcome to Voyado, Scandinavian Photo!

We are very happy to announce another new customer – Scandinavian Photo!

Here’s what Scandinavian Photo’s marketing manager Emelie Olsson says about the partnership:

We choose Voyado since it’s a user-friendly system that provides us the tools we need to be able to take the next step in terms of personalized communication and customer loyalty. We see a strong advantage in that Voyado has chosen to focus entirely on retail, and that it is a product that is continuously developed based on its customers’ needs

And here’s a word from Filip Sundquist, Senior Sales Executive at Voyado:

“As an amateur photographer and frequent customer of SP I am already very impressed by their wide range of products and great customer service. And now I’m super excited to see how Voyado will help Scandinavian Photo take their customer journeys and experiences to the next level!”

Thank you for those words, we are excited to see where this will take us!

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