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Voyado welcomes Pinewood!

Pinewood is a passionate outdoor brand that offers sustainable leisurewear and functional clothing for active and nature-loving people. Now they are choosing Voyado to strengthen the brand and further develop their loyalty program.

For 25 years, the Swedish brand Pinewood has been manufacturing products that make outdoor life safe and simple – always with a focus on quality, environmental awareness, and smart design. With Pinewood, customers can focus on what they enjoy the most: being in nature, regardless of season or weather. The multifunctional clothes and accessories are designed locally in Sweden and sold both online and in stores around Europe.

We had a chat with Charlotta Malmberg, Marketing Manager at Pinewood, to hear why they chose Voyado to create better customer experiences:

“An important part of our growth journey is to build and strengthen our brand. By continuously developing our loyalty program ‘Club Pinewood’ and personalizing the customer dialogue – we can strengthen the customer relationship. We are very pleased with the collaboration with Voyado who are showing great commitment and support in helping us to nurture and develop the customer relationship through personalized touchpoints in the CXP. With Voyado, we can create new exciting and personalized ways to meet the customer!” says Charlotta Malmberg.

And here’s what Johan Nyrelli, CXM/CRM Strategist at Voyado, says about the partnership:

“We are delighted to be part of Pinewood’s exciting journey as they now, with the help of Voyado, are taking the next step towards a more personalized experience throughout the customer journey.”

Welcome to the Voyado family, Pinewood!



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