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Voyado summarizes the year 2020

2020 – a year that will go down in history. And we all know why. The only covid-19 related facts we have in this article though is that we are so proud of how we handled this year. Because despite an ongoing pandemic, we managed to grow by 25 percent!

But that’s not all.

Here are some examples of what Voyado has accomplished in 2020:

  • Closed 34 new customers in six different countries
  • Launched 28 new customer-centric features
  • Hired 34 new employees –­ we are now a total of 116 Voyadoers in Norrköping, Stockholm, and Åre
  • Launched our brand new website
  • Performed our first digital mind-sharing with our customers
  • Got listed as nr 14 in Breakit’s top 50 SaaS companies in Sweden
  • Moved into a bigger office in Åre and added 327 square meters to the Stockholm office
  • Sent 5 000 000 000 emails and 210 000 000 SMS through Voyado

This is the part where you think “Great! But what about the Voyadoers? What have they been up to this year?” Thanks for asking! Here’s some of it:

  • We ate about 100 princess cakes
  • Played somewhere close to 1 million ping pong games
  • Posted 200 lame jokes in an internal slack channel
  • Ate 70 kilograms of candy at the offices
  • Went on 200 dog walks
  • Did 40 sunrise ski tours in Åre

With all that said, we only have one thing left. And that is to say thank you to all of our partners, customers, and friends!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!



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