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Voyado partners up with Norwegian ITX Contact Center

The partnership with Norwegian ITX will help retail businesses create true omnichannel experiences within customer service and further increase customer loyalty.

SaaS company ITX Norge, which provides an omnichannel contact center solution, now teams up with Voyado, the company behind the #1 customer experience cloud for retail. Our common mission is to enable retail companies to treat every customer as a VIP at every single point of contact—in any communication channel the customer prefers.

We aim to create customer service superheroes

It’s now easier than ever for Voyado customers to create engaging experiences and surpass expectations within support and sales. Through the two-way integration between Voyado’s multichannel marketing platform Voyado Engage and ITX Norge, support agents can directly interact with customers in multiple channels. They can identify customers regardless of if they are registered in-store or online and see desired key information about each customer on demand.

“We are of course very excited about our newest partnership with the world class customer engagement solution Voyado, and the intergration between ITX and Voyado will enable even better customer experiences for all of our joint customers ” Anna Fekjær Sales Development Manager ITX”

The Norwegian retailer Sprell, which just expanded into the Swedish market with its first store in Stockholm, is one of many great brands working with both ITX and Voyado.

“After implementing ITX about a year ago, we’ve since streamlined our customer service and reduced time spent on inquiries by 40%. At the same time, customers are happier with our service and support than ever. Now, we are stepping up the customer service game even more by enriching the customer cloud with key info from Voyado Engage.”  — Christian Sogn Iversen CEO Sprell Sprell. 

At Voyado, we are very happy to work with ITX and believe that the platforms together will enable more personalized customer interactions.

“The partnership between Voyado and ITX equips our customers with a solid tech solution that can help them to further strengthen customer loyalty by being able to surpass expectations in every point of contact,” says Niklas Brattfors, Strategic Partnership Manager at Voyado.

To get started, companies are advised to reach out to their point of contact at Voyado.



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