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Rapala chooses Voyado to reach high revenue growth goals

Recreational fishing company, Rapala, used to be dependent on multiple systems to get the data and targeting possibilities they needed to stay competitive. Then Voyado came along – and now Rapala works in one platform to offer personalized, seamless one-to-one customer experiences, a lot more efficiently.

With our aggressive revenue growth goals, Voyado will give us the opportunity to not only provide 1:1 angler personalization but also give us the ability to recognize white space opportunities in the site that we should capitalize on, says Melissa bang, Director of e-commerce and digital marketing at Rapala VMC Corporation.

Rapala’s goal for 2022 is to create a consumer-first, sales-driven channel that offers premium customer service, knowledge, entertainment, and value. One of the keys to reaching that goal is to work with hyper-personalization by providing the right content at the right time, depending on where the consumer is within their shopping journey.

“Voyado will give us the ability to complete all of our eCommerce marketing needs in one system.  We will no longer have to rely on four different sources of data to determine our marketing opportunities and programs – we now have this ability in one seamless experience.  It will also allow us to target consumers in a way we haven’t been able to in the past”, Melissa continues.

The fact that Voyado could offer a complete solution was exactly what Rapala was looking for.

“Most of their competitors offered packages where you had to pick and choose which features you were willing to invest in. Voyado gives you the complete solution, so you are never second guessing whether or not you have the complete picture. We are looking forward to deployment and we can’t wait to see this partnership grow and develop as we launch our CA and US sites in the spring of 2022.”

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Rapala VMC Corporation is one of four global players in recreational fishing. They have the biggest distribution network, global manufacturing resources, and the most desired brands. The Rapala Group has an outstanding record of expanding to new territories and business areas.



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