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Our newest customer from the Benelux region

We are excited to welcome Vitaminstore to the Voyado family! Loek Bosman, Omni-Channel Strategist & Consultant at Vitaminstore told us what made them go with Voyado after considering different options: 

“As omni-channel retailer we are always looking for the best way to get the best possible understanding of what our customers truly wants. The customer is, and had always been at the heart of our organization. But although every colleague at Vitaminstore aims to put the customer first in all their decisions, we had to conclude we did not always know what they wanted. At least not for sure. We simply did not have the full picture.

We knew this needed to change in order for us to keep serving our customer with relevant, up-to-date and cross-channel information and offers. 

This insight kickstarted a series of upgrades to our systems; We had to bring our advanced POS in-sync with our online CMS and backoffice solutions. We revisited our customer definition and spent hundreds of hours ensuring our data is clean, in-sync and usable. 

These efforts prepared us for the next step: making our data visible and, most importantly: actionable. 

We believe that with Voyado we are taking a step that not only our own team, but mostly our customers will thank us for. Maybe not directly, but allowing us to be personal at scale will ensure we can have meaningful and relevant conversations with our customers. We can be there when they need us to be there for them.”

– Loek Bosman, Omni-Channel Strategist & Consultant, Vitaminstore

We look forward to what’s ahead, working with Vitaminstore and expanding further into the Benelux region!

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