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New customer in Finland

Voyado are very excited to announce our latest customer in Finland - beauty brand Dermoshop Oy.

“We had a huge need to become more personal in our communication towards our customer base. Also, we needed to automate our processes. I went out scouting the market for a solution to support our high ambitions. After reviewing both local and international options we landed with Voyado. Dermoshop has a small team of marketing (not IT) people that needed something that was extremely easy to use but has the full power of a modern CRM/marketing automation tool. Another important deciding factor was how Voyado supports, inspires, and helps Dermoshop both during implementation but equally important getting us to use the tool in the correct way” says Rasmus Backlun, Chief Digital Officer at Dermoshop.

Mattias Eriksson, VP Strategic Accounts at Voyado gives his view on this new partnership:

“Voyado is extremely excited about this local partnership in Finland. We are proud to be given the opportunity to support a quality beauty brand such as Dermosil. Their high ambitions to become more personal and efficient in their customer communication and loyalty setup match everything that we are about at Voyado.”


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