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Maya Delorez in partnership with Voyado

We are happy to announce that Maya Delorez has entered a partnership with Voyado that will strengthen both the customer experience and the growth journey

With a goal of further expansion and maintaining and strengthening the community, Maya Dolorez found it important to find a partner who understands the uniqueness of their journey, while the technical parts had to be integrated as smoothly as possible. The choice fell on Voyado – due to the technical fit and a completely integrated solution with partners that Maya Delorez already collaborates with.

– Taking care of the relationship with our community has always been the most important thing for us at Maya Delorez. To maintain a close relationship with our customers, we do most things in-house. But as we continue to grow, we see a great advantage in joining forces with external actors to maintain development going forward and streamline the work we do in-house, and this is where Voyado comes into the picture, says Amanda Jacobsson, Communications Manager Maya Delorez.

Amanda also ads:

“To continue achieving high results, we must work smarter and more efficiently, but above all have a collective space for all materials for a clear and productive structure. The partnership with Voyado not only means that we can collect all customer data in one place, but we will also be able to strengthen personalization and the relevance of our communication in the future”.

The partnership shows an ambition to strengthen customer relationships and further increase customer loyalty. With the help of a complete solution, marketing and CRM are linked together on a more personal level, which in turn will contribute to very fast and rising growth.


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