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Masku chose Voyado CXP to reach the next level of personalization and relevance

Masku, one of the leading furniture companies in Finland, has chosen Voyado as their new CXP. This strategic switch was made to reach higher conversions, build stronger relationships with their customers and increase loyalty. Masku also wants to be more effective and faster in their marketing – reduce the time and effort from idea to implementation.

Before Masku switched to Voyado, they found that putting new ideas and processes into action was not fast and easy enough. As their goal for 2022 is to increase automated marketing and work smarter with personalization and relevance for their customers – they found Voyado to be the perfect fit. A key component to reaching their goals is the ability to use their customer data more effectively, which they will be able to do in Voyado.

“The ease of use and the modern and intuitive interface are some of the main reasons why we chose Voyado. The sales process also made us very confident about Voyado as a company and the product itself.” – Jussi Hämäläinen, E-commerce manager at Masku.

Since Masku wants to step up their level of personalization and relevance, they are now working on a personalization strategy. They want to move away from mass marketing and use a lot more targeted approaches and use micro-segments to be as relevant as possible.

“Nowadays the features of CDP’s and marketing automation tools are quite similar so it’s difficult to separate from the rest purely based on raw features. We feel that the UI and usability of Voyado is its biggest strength that separates it from the rest of the pack. And the platform is of course also very solid.” – Mikko Virta, CX Manager, Masku.

About Masku

Masku is a 36-year old family-owned business with over 300 employees and a turnover of over 100 million euros. We have 46 stores in Finland and 4 more in Estonia. Their passion is to offer the widest furniture collection at the lowest price in Finland and abroad. They seek to ensure the quality and develop their catalog by listening to their customer’s wishes. Based on thousands of customer feedback, tips and ideas, they are constantly working on hundreds of product options at the most affordable price points.




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