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Flowlife invests in Voyado CXP

We are very happy to announce that Flowlife has chosen Voyado as their new CXP!

Here’s Valter Arnborg, E-commerce Manager, Flowlife, who explains why they chose Voyado:

“The platform as a whole, the UX design and the presence of Voyado’s team are the basic factors why we have chosen Voyado. It feels great and we look forward to offering tailored journeys for our customer base – with added value, commitment, and flow.”

And Christopher Valdmaa, Strategic Sales at Voyado adds:

“We are excited to welcome Flowlife. Such a great team and spirit within this company. You can really feel the great focus they have of giving their customer a first-class personalized experience. We are delighted to be a part of Flowlife’s journey forward”.

Flowlife was created out of the vision that all people should have the opportunity to feel good, every day. With the help of research and empirical experience, we know that a combination of diet, exercise, and recovery makes people feel better and get more energy.



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