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Use Facebook Lookalike Audiences to attract like-minded shoppers

When it comes to attracting new customers, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Through behavioral and contextual data, you already know which of your customers are attracted to certain products. This can be used to target and attract like-minded consumers with Facebook lookalike audiences

Use Facebook lookalike audiences the right way

Before you start using Facebook lookalike audiences, you need to know what not to do. Because you already know which of your customers that has bought a certain item. Whether that is in store or online, it’s important that the customer does not see an ad for the same product after the purchase. Not only is it annoying for the customer, but you’re also paying for every view so don’t waste it on a negative reaction. Meaning – use Facebook lookalike audiences to attract new customers.

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Below we’ll go over a couple of different scenarios of when to use Facebook lookalike audiences to give you some inspiration:

Attracting new customers

Let’s say you’re a sports retailer who is looking to increase the sale of running gear products for women. Start by doing some data digging. Find out who already buys running gear from you: Where do they live? What other products do they buy from you? When was their last purchase? Search through contacts and segment down as much as you can until you’ve found your defined target audience. In this example, that audience could look like this: 

  • Women 
  • Age = Between 25-55 
  • CLV = Over €500  
  • Article group = Running 
  • Purchase date = Within the last 6 months 
  • Product of Interest = Running

The returned search results are your already profitable female running gear shoppers. Save the segment as Run Spring for example. You can now export it into Facebook and create a “Lookalike” audience.  These are contacts that have all the same traits when it comes to demographics (women, age, location) and that have the same hobbies or interests listed (probably running, but could also be other sports or interests) but are currently not on the exported list from Voyado. You can assume that everyone in this newly found audience will be women, between 25-55, with some interest shown in running and that have not made a purchase from you in the last six months. 

You can now decide whether to target your social media ads to your new lookalike audience only, or along with your already profitable customers. 

Highly segmented lists get your marketing to the right audience every time, and thanks to the Facebook lookalike sync, you are now able to reach more potential customers than ever before.

Get your customers’ attention back by using Facebook lookalike ads

Social ads are perfect for targeting customers who may have lost interest in your newsletter and that haven’t made a purchase in a while. An example of a search could be:

  • Number of purchase occasions = 0 after 1 Jan, 2019
  • Number of purchase occasions = greater than 1 before 1 Jan, 2019

Save the segment and export it to Facebook. You can now target your social media ads to only these people if you want to. The list is updated every night, so if a customer makes a purchase they will fall out of the list and no longer see your ad.


Hashed email addresses

The synchronization between Voyado and Facebook is based on hashed email addresses. No personal information is exposed from Voyado.

Minimum match

Facebook will, for privacy reasons, only create an audience if at least 1000 contacts from your segment are matched to Facebook profiles.


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