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The shopping statistics you need for a successful 2022

The Voyado Index is finally here again! In this edition, we give you all the juicy data on how people shopped during 2021 – compared to the year before. And also the learnings that you can bring into practice in 2022. Read this blog post for a glimpse into the buying behaviors, and download the full report for all the stats and insights!

Why the Voyado Index?

Knowing how consumers behave is crucial for anyone working in retail and e-commerce. That’s why our yearly index report is filled with insights based on 12 months of data collected from 410 (!) million purchase occasions. Curious about what we found – and eager to act on the findings? Let us give you a sneak peek!

3 key takeaways for brands

  • Email open rates increased in 2021 – alongside the level of personalized communication for this channel. With that said: keep creating customized messages, but keep in mind that every bit of content needs to be timely, relevant, and tailored to your customers’ wants, interests, and needs.
  • Our statistics show that men are the driving force behind the increase of average receipts online – and the decrease of average receipts in-store. This indicates that they’re more comfortable in making bigger, more complex, and more expensive purchases online these days. So, make sure to build customer trust and find clever ways to reflect the new reality! Always provide relevant product information on your website, and replace physical fitting rooms with videos and detailed product imagery.

  • Since third-party cookies will be phased out, put your energy and absolute focus on collecting – and activating – your own customer data. How to do this? With an intuitive CXP! The platform enables you to collect personal data, historical data, intent, and product searches – and easily act on it. Not up and running yet? Now’s the time! This database is a true goldmine and exactly what you need to create seamless shopping experiences and build customer loyalty.

The full report is just a download away

There is way way more than this to learn from the report! Download it right now for all the detailed statistics on buying behaviors – and the top tips for a thriving 2022. Just click here! 





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